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A display of shortbread tins with the Scottish Saltire flag, bottom row, and the Union flag in the window of a Scottish memorabilia shop in Edinburgh, Scotland © Scott Heppell - AP
The amount of money being put into cash Isas surged by £4.9 billion last month, the British Bankers' Association said © PA
  • Super Isa launch sees savings surge

    Consumers strongly ramped up their cash savings in July as the new "super Isa", which allows more money to be put away tax-free, was launched, banks have reported.

Kensington Palace Gardens has once again been named Britain's most expensive street © Alastair Grant - AP
  • 160,000 join property millionaire club

    More than 160,000 new property millionaires have been created over the last year in Britain as the housing market recovery has taken off, according to a website.

The average monthly cost of running a three-bedroom house is £677 - £110 lower than the typical rent © PA
Earlier this year, Vince Cable told Britain's leading companies to show restraint over executive pay to restore public trust © PA
  • Transparency bid over high earners

    All large businesses would be forced to make public how much they pay their highest earners under manifesto proposals announced by the Liberal Democrats.

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    No, the cost of new uniforms, stationery and sports kit takes us well past the £200 mark
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    No, I wouldn’t spend anything like that amount on the little horrors!
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