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Volunteers who help maintain parks, allotments and cemeteries should get council tax rebates of up to £1,500, according to a new report © Mike Groll - AP
  • Tax rebates for volunteers proposed

    Council tax rebates of up to £1,500 should be introduced for volunteers who help maintain parks, allotments and cemeteries, a report has recommended.

A woman would have to work over 14 years more to earn the same as a male manager over a career, a report said © Rex
  • Management gender pay gap widens

    The gender pay gap in management is widening, with women in their 40s earning more than a third less than men, according to a new report.

The number of people visiting stores on the High Street dropped by 1.7% last month © PA
The average cost of annual car insurance in London stands at £922, according to the AA index © PA
  • London 'most costly' for car cover

    A motorist living in London faces paying almost four times the amount that a driver in the Isle of Man would spend on their car insurance, a study has revealed.

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New research has found that families are spending an average of £180 on back-to-school supplies for their kids. Does this tally with your experience?

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    15 %
    Yes, that sounds about right to me
    352 votes
    19 %
    Yes, but I think school supplies are getting more expensive every year
    442 votes
    29 %
    No, the cost of new uniforms, stationery and sports kit takes us well past the £200 mark
    662 votes
    37 %
    No, I wouldn’t spend anything like that amount on the little horrors!
    856 votes

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