Personalise your Barclays debit card – for free!

We’ve all taken photos that make us smile. And now you can remember the good times every time you use your Barclays debit card because Barclays is offering you the chance to personalise your debit card with one of your favourite photos. Applying for your new card is easy – the tricky bit will be deciding what photo to choose.

Woman taking a photo of her friends (© Mauro Grigollo, Getty Images)

How does it work?

You can personalise your card in four easy steps.

1. visit the Barclays card designer.

2. Upload your favourite photo (image guidelines apply) or choose an image from the Barclays gallery.

3. Confirm the card you wish to personalise.

4. Then press Submit.

Barclays will check your photo against its image guidelines for trademarks, images of celebrities or other unsuitable content. If your chosen design approved, Barclays will send you your brand new personalised debit card, absolutely free.

Barclays personalised debit card (© Barclays)

Eek, the pressure! What photo will I choose?

As long as your image remains within the image guidelines, you can choose whatever you like. Have a look back through your Facebook photos for inspiring holiday photos, cute snaps of your pet, something you’re saving up for (to make you think twice every time you get your debit card out) or your crazy mates… it’s totally up to you.

Will I need to do anything once I receive my new card?

Your new debit card will have a new card number so remember to change any stored details on online shopping websites. However, your new card will continue to work in the same way as your old one, e.g. if you had a contactless debit card, your new personalised card will also be contactless.

You can continue to use your old card until your new personalised card arrives.

Barclays personalised debit card (© Barclays)

Are personalised cards secure?

Yes, they are secure. But personalised or not, it's important to protect your card details. Since you picked a photo that makes you smile for your new personalised card, you might want to show it off to your friends when it arrives – but be sure not to post any images of your new card online, as this could increase your risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

Can I open an account and get a personalised card straight away?

You will need to open a Barclays account and await receipt of a standard debit card before you can apply for a personalised card, as you'll need your card number to use the online ordering service.

Barclays personalised debit card (© Barclays)

To find out more about the personalised Barclays debit card and to create your own design, visit the Barclays website. Terms and conditions apply.

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