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10 of the most expensive movie flops of all time

A look at the movies that failed to turn a profit

10 expensive movie failures (© Image © MovieStore - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © MovieStore - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © Disney)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © MovieStore - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © MovieStore - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © Warner Bros - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © Paramount - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © MovieStore - Rex Features)
  • 10 expensive movie failures (© Image © MovieStore - Rex Features)
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If you think you're having a bad week, Disney has admitted it's likely to lose around $200 million on Mars sci-fi epic John Carter. That's an eye-watering £126 million, so fans may have to accept that a sequel is unlikely to be on the cards.

Even for the mighty Disney, that's hardly small change. In fact, it puts John Carter at the top of the list for most expensive film flops ever.

But the mouse-fronted movie maker is certainly not alone in delivering a big-budget box office bomb. Here are 10 of the most expensive film flops ever.


Seems like a good enough reason to pay the stars twelve months after the release and not big bucks before.

Thank God we don't actually pay our politicians. They just take the money, they think they deserve, regardless of performance.

20/03/2012 20:13

Because a film fails to make its money back in a week it's a flop! This film is nothing like Star Wars, Conan etc, this story was written 100 years ago. Star Wars et al all come from it. John Carter of Mars (Barsoom) is the story that inspired many of the top movie makers and writers. It is the 'creators' of Avatar, Star Wars and all the others who have taken this material and given it to you in the guises that you know.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, the man that created the fantasy genre is one of the most plagiarised authors out there. Read some of his work you might actually learn something about the so called originals.

20/03/2012 22:25
I went to see John Carter on Saturday and can't believe that it is flopping. It was action packed all the way through and the 3 D special effects were fantastic. I would recommend this to any one!
20/03/2012 19:39

its great to see millions of £'s being spent wisely.

makes me sick.

20/03/2012 18:59
I went to see john carter on i max I loved it better than a lot of other films I have watched recentley
20/03/2012 18:21
I am assuming they thought this would be Disney's Star Wars, with multiple sequels. I think it should have come out under their Touchstone brand instead of Disney, because Disney = kids films... and this is no Pirates of the Carribbean... Or they should have released it at the Easter holidays. Who knows... But if this flopped it will mean that Wrath of the Titans with the cockney hero may also flop, we shall see. At least it did better than Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000, or did it?  Wink
21/03/2012 02:34
id also like to mention that john carter was released on the 9th of march and still has chance to make its money back including dvd and blu ray sales so it may not even flop its far too early to say its a flop
21/03/2012 03:02
I am very surprised that there are not more expensive movies flops, with the trash coming out of Hollywood over the last ten years, It seems to me that the general movie going public are quite happy to watch substandard films with badly written screenplays which a first year drama student could write better and the total reliance on computer generated special effects one or two famous names to sell the movie.
we need good films with great screenplays and good acting not films full of special effects and bad acting.  
21/03/2012 01:44
probably biggest problem was using the brand Disney to launch it. The trailer looks fantastic and some reviews look good but when you hear it's a disney you don't think brilliant action you think 'family' values and that's the wrong message for this type of film.
20/03/2012 21:38
Open-mouthed Enjoyed 'John Carter'.. its an spectacular treat... can't believe this will lose around £126 millions...........may be the release timing is wrong.....Eye-rolling
21/03/2012 02:58

Raise the Titanic!Surprised

No way! Surprised

i watched this when i was a kid! Boy

i actually enjoyed it!Open-mouthed

I'm going to download it and watch it again! Smile

20/03/2012 20:07

The film was great they just spent too much money making it

20/03/2012 18:41

Well, looking at this, I am not surprised.


Seen it all before - alien beasties in an arena, hero to a chain, wierd alien ships, hero rescuing princess from panto villain, love interest and other stuff.


Why watch somethjng you have seen so many times in other films? Many will say there is more to it than that, but the audience decided otherwise.


Sides, take into account that its 3D meaning VERY EXPENSIVE tickets before treats, in this debt ridden world, many would probably wait for this to come either on DVD or live streaming - which will be way cheaper!

I try to avoid what critics say and find out myself by watching films myself. We all have different likes and taste's so who's to say a movie is good or not but ourselve's
21/03/2012 02:41
seen it and dont see any reason why it would be a flop, i was well entertained and that is what wanted from a film.disney will learn from this and a sequel will get made because over a time period people will go to see it and the loss if one will be marginal
20/03/2012 19:38
Listened to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 last week and he said he wasn't a Sci Fi fan and he loved it after going to see it after the critics slagged it off. Other people emailed the show to say the same. the critics were wrong. I read the books 40 years ago and loved the look of the trailer. So I am going to go see it. The other thing is that over the next decade we will see that films like this and Avatar and many others in the past are prophetic. Laugh if you wish ... but wait and see! Its naive and arrogant to think we are the first life forms ... we aren't!
20/03/2012 19:47
To anybody who has read the original novels.
They were enjoyable trash ,not Indiana Jones.
No need for this to have been a hugely expensive blockbuster.
More like Red Dwarf.
It could have worked then.


Its too early days to make judgement except by the short-sightedness of soulless accountants.

Many a fine film has staggered along at first before gathering pace and becoming a classic.



20/03/2012 19:02
Dropping "Mars" from the title was a huge mistake. It's the most important word for someone unfamiliar with the material. "John Carter" is such a generic Anglo guy name that this could literally be almost any kind of movie.

Despite the **** marketing and the film's general resemblance to so many other crappy films from the past ten years (Attack of the Clones, Prince of Persia, the Clash of the Titans and Conan the Barbarian remakes, and Avatar, to name a few), I will still see it because I love the character and want to support Andrew Stanton.
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