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Rebranding successes and failures

As Rupert Murdoch's News Corp empire launches a "friendlier" logo, we look at some of the best - and worst - rebrandings

New logo for News Corp (old logo pictured at bottom) (© Image © News Corp)
  • New logo for News Corp (old logo pictured at bottom) (© Image © News Corp)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © Rex Features)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © PA Photos)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © Rex Features)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © Rex Features)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © GAP - Rex)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © Consignia)
  • Some of the best and worst company rebrandings (© Image © PA Photos)
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News Corp has unveiled a new logo for its publishing division as the company prepares to split its newspaper and entertainment businesses.

The logo is based on the handwriting of News Corp founder Rupert Murdoch, replacing the striped globe of the current News Corp brand (pictured at the base of the above image).

Apparently, the design is supposed to create a ‘friendlier-looking’ image for the new company. Staff might find that hard to believe, if reports that the company is planning “relentless” job cuts are to be believed.

News Corp hopes the new logo will help play a part in reviving the ailing publishing arm, which has struggled as print advertising continues to decline across the industry. Only time will tell whether it succeeds.

Rebrandings can often evoke strong reactions from customers - both positive and negative - as the following examples show.

So let's take a look at some of the most and least successful attempts over the years.

25/03/2012 00:10

I'm a child of the 80's & as far as i'm concerned they will always be Opal Fruits, no idea why they felt the need to re-brand but come on Starburst???????

28/03/2012 07:45
Can't remember if it was Robertsons or Robinsons Jam that used (pardon my french) a 'Gollywog' to promote it's product. Complete with  black fuzzy hair and 'slaves' outfit of stripy dungarees. Save enough labels and they would send  you a 'Gollywog' badge. Save even more and they'ed send you a plaster of paris stattuette of a grinning 'golly'. Who remembers their jingle: ''Look for the Golly, the Golly on the jar''? Don't think it would work now, though.
28/03/2012 21:52

Why did they have to change the name from Jif to cif I still call it Jif even why I write it down on my shopping list .How many of you remember when Black Jacks and fruit salad when they were only 1p now they do them in long strips the young kids of to day do not know how lucky they are .

31/03/2012 03:26
I have seen many changes in my long life, and most of them not for the better. Yes we have TV which I love and computers I also love. Otherwise too many bad changes and some downright silly. Yes changing the names of some brands was real stupid for no good reason, and why is it that OUR names are always changed, why dont they make other countries use our brand names instead. That is typical of everything in the UK today. We must never complain when we are abroad, but we get foriegners here and straightaway we have to bend over backwards to appease them. It is no longer the land of the english welsh Scottish and northern irish. All speaking English. Not having to take a back seat for the asians, africans, eastern block alians, the arab nations etc need I go on, being afraid of upsetting them like now.  We are no longer pre-dominantly christian country with all it stands for. When we were, you could go out late at night without fear of being mugged, stabbed or worse as you are now. You could walk into a job when I was young, and change for another if you were'nt happy and know there was another around the corner for you. Kids were safe playing in the streets. Simple pastimes like going dancing or a quiet drink at the local and not coming back legless. YES things have changed on the whole for the worst. We didnt have the latest gear to wear or all the toys and suchlike that kids have today BUT we were happy and content and not always wanting and me me me attitude. I know we can never get that back but we could strive for a better attitude, however I think that society has gone too far now.
24/03/2012 21:06
OMG Spangles were THE BEST .....did they really have to change a Marathon bar to a snickers i mean Snickers seriously whats that about. Some things should not be changed and some things should come back SPANGLES
24/03/2012 01:38
I never been happy with the rebranding of this country's famous name, such as Opal fruits or  Marathon, these names should have stayed as they were, next they'll wont to change the name of this country too.
24/03/2012 15:55
this doesn't really have anything to do with all this BUT..... it really annoyed me when Walkers swapped the colour of the salt+vinegar crisps with the cheese+onion, i.e. salt+vinegar used to be blue, but now it's green....WHY?
02/04/2012 13:30
Of course the most famous name change is coming our way;United Kingdom in to United Muslim..............
24/03/2012 07:00
opal fruits should of never changed there name to star burst they don't even taste the same bring back opal fruits
24/03/2012 13:10
worst rebranding in my eyes is Ulay to Olay, oil of Ulay sounded nice and now its Olay sounds like someone from spain decided on that one. xx and I also prefered Opal fruits, marathon and Jiff.






30/03/2012 12:00
Personally I'm not to happy with Kraft taking over Cadbury Tata taking over Jaguar, Land rover & MG not rebranding maybe. Still lack of foresight in this country, Stay British owned, manufactured & keep the money in this country!
04/04/2012 10:47
i remember when penguin and chocolate club bars weren't the size of a borbourn biscuit !
29/03/2012 16:24
Gallon's to Litre's thats another of our culture taken from us and pint's to litre's with milk !
24/03/2012 18:03
This may sound utterly crazy BUT how about making things cheaper? That wud help sale !!!
24/03/2012 02:43
2 Failures for me...

Bounty to Plenty (What the heck)


Changing the Mr Muscle guy (Not really re-branding but what the heck?, what're they thinking?      please someone tell me)
Cresta pop?......"it's frothy man!" Spangles "Old English...Acid Drop's"..old Jamaica choccy bar's.......toaster'​s you could fit a slice of bread in..............
24/03/2012 23:52
I can't remember anyone ever saying that they were just popping to "the Consignia" but the "Post Office"  I can.

I still refer to Jiff ,as Jiff,but I don't buy it anymore .I can only assume that the name was changed to cater with the confused mispronunciation within Europe .Many countries do not pronounce their 'J' as we do in the UK, and the product was probably pronounced 'Yeeff'!. Now we are all subject to referring to some products with similar speech impediments.

I, like so many others, am a creature of habit, and  somewhere in the subconscious, I don't adjust to, and seem to avoid, renamed products.I remember the Opal Fruits Ad 'Made to make your mouth water', but , they don't anymore, because I no longer buy them. 

I hope we don't change our toilet tissue brand name to the Swedish product, and have to ask for a packet of 'Krapp' !!

24/03/2012 05:57
worse one to change was Jiff to Ciff or what ever they call it Now, Jiff was a good name, done in a jiffy!
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