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Biggest lottery winners around the world

As two lucky punters share a £390m jackpot, we look at the biggest lottery winners around the world…

Some of the world's biggest lottery wins (© Image © Press Association Images)
  • Some of the world's biggest lottery wins (© Image © Press Association Images)
  • Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham have won £45 million (© Image: Rui Vieira - PA Wire)
  • Nigel Page and Justine Laycock won £56 million in February 2011 (© Image: Ben Birchall - PA Archive)
  • Some of the world's biggest lottery wins (© Image © Press Association Images)
  • Some of the world's biggest lottery wins (© Image © Press Association Images)
  • Dave and Angela Dawes won £101m (© Steve Parsons - PA Wire)
  • Bayfords celebrating (© Image © Rex Features)
  • Colin and Chris Weir are the biggest UK lottery winners to have gone public (© Image: Reuters)
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Somewhere out there, two people are sitting on lottery tickets that have won them the second-largest prize in the history of the US lottery.

The as-yet-unknown winners have each netted half of the $636 million prize – that’s the equivalent to £195 million each. The winner of the next Mega Millions draw will have to content themselves with a mere $15 million, as this massive jackpot was the result of 22 draws without a winner.

While most people have never even imagined scooping a win that large, it’s not the largest. Back in March 2012 the Mega Millions jackpot was an epic $656 million, which was split between three lucky punters.

So we’ve been taking a look at some of the other winners who’ve won incredible prizes and gone public. And where they are now…

30/03/2012 05:51

But will it bring them happiness?

Stupid question really!

My dad once said. "I'd sooner be rich and miserable than poor and miserable!"

30/03/2012 08:40
what it doesn't say , is that, the americans have to pay around 60-70% tax on their winnings { unlike the UK being tax free winnings } Imagine having to give back £200 million of it to the government !!
18/12/2013 15:18

good luck to them...stay anonymous...


30/03/2012 10:05
Who cares if you have to give away 60-70% in taxes!!!   That's still a whooping £259.8 Million in your pocket! Crazy..........This is a life changing sum which will filter through you family tree for years to come! SCARED MONEY,DON'T MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!   
30/03/2012 10:45
Still waiting for my name to be up there !!!!!!!!!!
30/03/2012 18:39
09/07/2012 04:15
how could they be so lucky, I could really use some of it. but I never play the lottery so I guess I never  will know the feeling. Good for them and good luck

18/12/2013 20:24

Money doesn't buy happiness!


NO, but by god, it certainly helps.

18/12/2013 14:44
You know it could bring with it all sorts of problems.  I know an elderly gentleman who has much wealth in savings but every year he is demented trying to move money from here to there to get the best deals for interest and avoid being stung with tax, it can be a poison challis.  Also the love of money corrupts people and spoils relationships, best to live a simple life as long as you can pay your way and content yourself.  Greedy selfish people are hard to love.
18/12/2013 17:30
Congratulations whoever you are. ENJOY and spread some happiness!
18/12/2013 18:39

All I wont is enough to live on and be able to pay the bills and may be have a holiday or two a year.

I'm not greedy.

18/12/2013 17:04

good luck to them please pass on some luck this way

18/12/2013 16:52
Good Luck to them all, if you're not in it you can't win it.
Problem is there are lots of side -effects from winning the lottery , break-ups , gold-diggers after your cash , dodging the media ,greedy family ,and most winners are overweight and middle -aged leading to more hassle when the rich lifestyle kills them early . But wouldn't we all like to take a risk and try a little of that lifestyle ? . 
18/12/2013 18:22
wish it was me!! our UK lotto is such a rip off! no one knows anyone who has won real money, all the bogus scratch cards with maximum of £10, hope! hope! lotto! not a chance
19/12/2013 05:37
I have several friends who, although they religiously do the lotteries, really DON'T want to win a big jackpot because they're afraid of the consequences...Me? I want it all and I want it NOW, and I'll take my chances.
18/12/2013 16:36
Re: Angela and David split - she was sh*****g the gardener!!!

19/12/2013 19:57

congratulations , wow what do you say. get a very " very  , good accountant, and pay the very least you can get away with, enjoy life, burn the begging letters, forget any charities for you can if you want make a difference direct in stead of being syphoned away and not going to the cause .

wishing a long and stupendous happiness and health now and a very long future .

well done

18/12/2013 18:35
Most iv ever won is £450 on the hotpicks ... the odds are too great . BUT PEOPLE DO WIN IT THOUGH
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