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Councils cashing in on parking as profits climb 15%

Find out which councils made the most from parking charges last year.

Councils cashing in on parking as profits climb 15%

Councils cashing in on parking as profits climb 15%

Councils in England made over £411 million-worth of profit from parking charges last year, according to research carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The profit made during 2011/12 represents a 14.9% increase on the £358 million yield brought in over 2010/11.

In total, 353 councils were looked at using data available from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

So which local authority made the most out of our parking misery last year?

Top 20 council cash cows

Here are the top 20 councils which made the most profit from parking charges last year:


Local authority

Parking profit 2011/12 (£)*





Kensington & Chelsea






Hammersmith & Fulham






Brighton & Hove UA









Milton Keynes UA



Newcastle upon Tyne






Tower Hamlets
























Bath & North East Somerset UA


*Figures calculated by IAM from Department for Communities and Local Government Revenue Outturn data 2011/12

As you can see the top council earners for 2011/12 are located in London, with Westminster residents suffering the most and forking out nearly £38 million in parking charges.

Outside of the Capital, Brighton & Hove proved to be the biggest earner, bringing in just over £13.5 million in profit for the council last year.

In Islington the council managed to boost profits by 107.7% compared to 2010/11. Newham (100.5%), Wandsworth (79.1%) and Haringey (63.1%) also managed to bolster their coffers by an extraordinary amount.

Regionally, London and the South East made the most in parking charges whereas the North East and East of England made the least.

Spending cuts

While income from parking charges was plentiful, spending on some key areas fell.

The IAM found that the amount spent on road safety, education and safe routes to schools had dropped by 18%.

All in all spending on highways and transport was reduced by 6% and it is expected to drop a further 11% over 2012/13 which could mean a back log of repairs according to IAM Chief Executive, Simon Best.

So even though councils are making record revenues in some areas it appears spending cuts are still the bottom line in Local Government.

How’s parking your end?

What are the parking charges like in your area? Let us know in the comment box below.

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If councils weren’t making huge profits from everything that can be made profitable the corrupt local government slimeballs couldn’t cream off huge amounts into their own pockets.



Here on this MSN message board people constantly attack central government for wholesale corruption and inept inefficiently, but it’s just as bad, if not worse, at local level, and there are many more of them.


Corruption has always been prevalent in local government, years ago the small Christmas sweetener from the local builder, to stay on the list of approved contractors was taken for granted.  But these days its awash was councillors and council officials with their hands held out expecting a back hander for anything and everything. In many countries bribery and sleaze is away of life, and when Britain opened the gates and laid down the welcome mat  to these warm and loving, hard working people from all over the world they brought their lifestyle with them

14/01/2013 20:03
not shocked but they are very short sighted as their greed in my view has killed town centres,and getting shops closed down.i live in plymouth and if say i want a new dvd do i....waste my time stuck in traffic as they make roads single lanes,pay joke prices to park and having lowlife vermin traffic wardens trying any trick to give you and ticket.have a lowlife vermin going around in a van with a camara looking to top up his christmas bonus with anything will do.........or buy the dvd cheaper,saving my time,keeping away from the vermin,to buy off amazon ...ummmmm
14/01/2013 13:30
If everyone appealed against fixed penalties the system would collapse!
14/01/2013 21:03
Car's will always be a 'cash cow' for councils, same as they are for government!
14/01/2013 15:42
South Kesteven DC do not charge for parking in the Town where the Council Leader lives but does in the others. The charges have crippled Town centre trade and no one can obtain a sensible answer as to why there is one rule for her town and a different one for the others. Are there any other Councils where such obvious biase applies?
14/01/2013 20:43

I have to say that Northumberland C.C. are very good - for us Blue Badge Parkers!  Basically, show your badge and it's free for 3 hours or so.  Newcastle is another case altogether!

My biggest Parking moan, and this applies to everyone, are the iniquitous amounts, charged by the Hospitals, be it for out-patient treatment or visiting sick relatives/friends.  Even worse, that they charge patients on dialysis and chemotherapy - a tax on the critically ill!

I know that the only two certain things in this world are death and taxation, but let's not combine them, eh?

15/01/2013 02:49
What is needed is a revolution.A plan is in operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15/01/2013 04:16
Corruption is not just in local politics,just look at our MPs.
Am I right in calculating the London Councils listed charged £160 million?
With councils fleecing an already struggling population for extra money with these charges, is it any wonder the High Street is dying. People are broke. Don't these cretins realise this?? Why else would loan sharks be advertising on the telly 24/7, or sponsoring football teams? I left the UK last year because I was sick and tired of being ripped off everywhere I went. I was sick and tired of seeing these little G estapo figures with their silly uniforms wandering round looking for new victims. Where I live now, it costs (where l have to pay, usually I don't) 40p all day. And people are out spending money in bars,shops and cafes instead of parking meters. 
It isn't rocket science. Oh, and just to rub it in, here when it's hot (30-45 degrees) it's called a summer and not a "heatwave".
Do I miss the UK??
Do I hell as like!!! 
14/01/2013 23:05
It is very hard to find parking on the wirral without having to pay. There is also a great abundance of attendants to make sure you do. it is not uncommon to see them working in pairs in case they miss one. No wonder shops are losing money people cant just pull over to go and buy 1 or 3 items without having to pay another charge which is worst than the taxes on the products.
Torbay - £1.00 for 40 mins - Disgusting!
15/01/2013 10:21
makes on line shopping more appealing,and more shops will go to the wall...............
I wonder how anyone who has even a morsel of human dignity can take on the job of Traffic Warden. If people refused to do this job we woudn,t have them.....simple.
14/01/2013 22:00

Reading is OK with plenty of car parks to choose from but they all vary in cost.  At least it allows people to shop in town and although some shops have closed it is still busy.  If car park prices are reasonable then you get more shoppers, more shoppers mean more business. More business means more rates and  tax for the Council and Government.  So everybody wins.  Read this you extortion councils and reduce your rates.


15/01/2013 06:35
How to beat the Parking Fines! simple! do what I do Now, I only shop once a week, any other items I want I buy online I go to shops outside the towns and cities, park free! the council are forcing shoppers away from the towns and cities, this is why so many are going under! it is about time we all made a stand, as long as we pay the asking price, this is what we will be charged, if we refuse to buy at the asking price! the price will come down,
15/01/2013 10:01
Halton Borough Council has never charged for parking as FREE PARKING across the borough has helped to keep local businesses alive as many people from outside the borough come to visit and shop in the towns  of Widnes & Runcorn, it would be a travesty if that were to change!
I have noticed that is primarily the capital and outer fringes that profits most from this......though the public travel network within these places are fairly comprehensive. Why anyone would want to take their own vehicles into these places is beyond me as they all provide good value 'park and ride' facilities. Note......it would be good if the monetary income/outlay of all councils were available for its paying public to view including wages and expenses.......the only people who would object are those with something to hide! xx
15/01/2013 11:55
shouldn't have to pay to stop,already paying too much to go.
15/01/2013 07:30
Glad I don't live anywhere near that stinking hole called London.
15/01/2013 11:11
I live in Exeter and parking was never easy. John Lewis opened their new store in October in the city centre and the parking now is a nightmare. It was shouted from the highest treetops that their arrival would herald an influx of visitors to the city.  Anymore parking spaces? No! They have painted and put lighting in the car park nearby though.
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