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How the eurozone crisis is affecting us

We take an in-depth look at how the eurozone crisis is affecting both our lives and those of people in other European countries.

How crisis has affected the UK (© Image © Tim Ireland - PA Archive)

As the eurozone crisis has worsened, the UK has been standing on the sidelines, hoping that the dominos don't all fall and knock us over too.

For many people, this has vindicated the decision not to join the euro and increased the sense that we should stay 'an island apart', away from the madness of the continent.

However, we are not immune to the effects of what is happening across the water. Unemployment continues to rise, particularly among young people, as the austerity cuts imposed by the government begin to bite hard.

And while the riots that happened across London and other English cities in the summer cannot be directly attributed to the crisis, there is a growing sense of disillusionment at the gap between the richest and the poorest.

Protest camp a sign of public opinion?
Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of this is the protest camp now outside one of the nation's most famous buildings - St Paul's Cathedral. This has led to questions in Parliament, within the church, everywhere it seems except in the City of London, where the big financial decisions are made every day.

Confidence in the UK government's ability to manage the economy out of the current situation is not high, but there is no credible alternative.

The consolation for people here is that we still have some of our destiny in our own hands, but if the euro fails and the dominos do fall on us, there will be real anger and it could lead to social unrest on a scale not seen here for centuries.

What is the impact on the continent?
So that's our experience of the eurozone crisis to date. But what has the impact been on the continent? Not for the politicians and the big businesses, but for the people on the ground level, who are having to deal with harsh cuts and painful tax hikes.

To help give you a clearer picture, we contacted a number of our colleagues at MSN across Europe and asked them to share their experiences.

How the eurozone crisis is affecting France (© Image: Getty)

The French have faced plenty of austerity measures, but are they still in favour of being in the eurozone?
>>How the crisis has affected France

How the eurozone crisis is affecting Germany (© Image: Getty)

The German people are looking on pessimistically. Find out why they are feeling so gloomy about the future.
>>How the crisis has affected Germany

How the eurozone crisis is affecting Greece (© Image: AP Photo - Dimitri Messinis)

Greece has been at the eye of the storm for months but how do the people feel about life now?
>>How the crisis has affected Greece

How the eurozone crisis is affecting Italy (© Image: Getty)

Politicial instability has brought Italy to the brink of collapse. Our correspondent reveals why.

>>How the crisis has affected Italy

How the eurozone crisis is affecting Portugal (© Image: Getty)

Why the government in Portugal is axing holidays and raising taxes in a bid to stave off disaster.
>>How the crisis has affected Portugal

How the eurozone crisis is affecting Spain (© Image: Getty)

How a combination of economic and political disasters has left Spain on the brink of a bailout.
>>How the crisis has affected Spain

Why not share how you've been impacted by the eurozone crisis in the Comments section below.

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18/11/2011 15:40

Oh my God...we're allowed to comment on something.. Yippee !

Don't lose our only last identity, keep our Sterling and shove the Euro where the sun doesn't shine...Get Britain out of the EU...Pronto !

The decision to allow Greece into the eurozone, despite it not reaching some of the criteria for 'membership', was a disaster waiting to happen. The chickens are coming home to roost now. Who will be next? Italy? Spain? Portugal? 
18/11/2011 15:18

I voted against joining the common market (europe) years ago - and how right I feel I was to vote No to joining its all come true.  We should as a nation get out of europe.   This island of Great Britain, we the British people are not europeans and never will be.  Brussels has to much power over this island, with rules that this country must adhere to because Brussels says so.  Look what they made us do to our passports-no longer our own countries passport but we have to have a european passport.   I hope and pray that whichever government is in power, that we never give up our own currency - look whats happened to all the countries that took the euro, they are financially ruined.

18/11/2011 19:28
Definitely there are 2 classes of people in UK. One, the rich & mighty like Bank bosses, BBC bosses, FTSC bosses, rail bosses and politicians who earns enormous amount of money and get richer. Other, is the mass of middle and poor class, who has to work hardest, pay taxes and in return has to suffer the results of austerity measures. Richer class do not have to even disclose their income. And the politicians do nothing to cap their huge bonuses. Then, what will happen, is riotings and looting and civil unrest. But who cars for poor?
18/11/2011 15:33
Look at history folks, when the Euro was formed, Italy lira to the pound was over 1000, yes 1000. Stop living in cloud cuckoo land, the whole concept was corrupt from the beginning, and 17 years of not having their accounts accepted by auditors speaks volumes for that level of corruption. Still if you are happy to throw good money after bad, then don't moan about the state of this country, you are actively condoning and promoting our bankruptcy.
18/11/2011 20:29
This 'crisis' is manufactured by the banking influenced, EU ruling elite and the suits in the shadows to further their European and world dream of a centralised world government and monetary system, in order to make themselves extremely rich and satisfy their insatiable thirst for power.
What better way to draw in more control and power than to create major problems and then create the solutions which will suit their needs. These people are not democratically elected and have the power to control and remove the leaders who won't play ball or are no longer any use. Berlusconi and the Greek fella, Papandreou are the latest to be sacrificed for the 'greater good'.
We should demand a referendum, or a serious debate at least about our involvement in Europe and whether or not it would be a good thing to withdraw from the EU altogether.
18/11/2011 15:48
The French have had a wonderful time in the EU drawing Common Agriculture monies.  The Germans have had a great time in the Euro keeping their currency fixed against far less efficient countries.  The UK has had to pay for this.  Now it's time to say enough is enough.

Brian Evans,

Bloody well said.

I had the chance to emmigrate to Canada in 1978 and did not take it, I have regretted it ever since.

Get us OUT OF EUROPE now and save us  £ 65.7 Billion per year.

18/11/2011 16:00

KEEP OUR STERLIN-Our own debt is enough-And this goverment  Plunders the working class as always  Never the rich -

Britain should get away from the grip of Europe- They took away the "Great" In Britain

And our political Powers that be ---Allowed it to happen.

I never voted for this Goverment ---Because they always rob the poorest to pay for others Mistakes

18/11/2011 20:23

frank (nappa)

get real ,germanys doing well because they pull all the strings in the EU,who's economy do you think the euro was based on THE GREEKS,no, one  guess,GERMANYS,the tried twice to rule Europe and failed so now the will do it fiscally,pull your head out of the sand ............. 

18/11/2011 19:29

We have been in two wars to keep Great Britain British, men and women lost their lives in doing so and still Germany want to rule the roost ! GET GREAT BRITAIN OUT OF EUROPE NOW, all those lives lost will be in vain...the Conservatives got us in(Edward Heath) so its up to them to get us out NOW ! A single currency has never worked and never will so why they keep throwing copious amounts of money at it is beyond me, its not going to work, all the countries that are collapsing shows us that, this country can deal with any country in the world, we don't need EUROPE OR THE EURO !

18/11/2011 17:29

Why is it that the pro-europeans never want to talk about 17 years of unaudited accounts and then blame those that do as UKIP? By not talking about the EU corrupton is condoning it, are you all 'bent' as well as the unelected idiots in Brussels?

No wonder this country is in the mess it is, a massive dose of apathy of "I'm alright Jack (as long as I get what I want)" and it all started in 2010 after the election, I don't think so????

Anyone reading this and is under 40 years of age, take my advice EMIGRATE. Wish I had done in 1972 when I had the chance.

18/11/2011 21:09
We need a civil war both in Europe and the UK, to oust these political classes and restore normality and sensibility to GB.

I along with many others hope that the EU will collapse, along with our current political system, I have had enough of being taxed to death and lied to!

18/11/2011 19:18

It strikes me that - to put it very simply :-


If the Uk was part of the Euro - we would have to pay


But as the UK isn't part of the Euro - we still have to pay


I, for one am "Cucking Fonfused"

18/11/2011 16:44
I have commented on the EU and the Common Market as a whole several times. I never voted to join forces with continent in anyway. It is said here what do we do as a way out is not visible. My friends look back to the sixties when our farmer were really industrious but can no longer be because of the EU restrictions. Look at our miners, they can no longer mine because of Health and Safety that has been inflicted on us by the EU. Look at how our Health system has been brutely taken advantage of because of the EU. Look at how our welfare system has been fraudently been used by illegal immigrants and we can't deport them because of the EU. Look at our demolished industry again demolished by the EU. Look at how our elected government have their hands tied again by the EU. I could go on but you can see why I never wanted to be part of the EU I didn't even want decmalisation but they say we voted for that after the first decimal coin was struck.  Again by the EU and they are so corrupt, do we want any of that, NO
18/11/2011 18:10

Life is hard and unfair. It's always been difficult to get on to the housing ladder. There has always been rich and poor. But, I have never seen things as hard and unfair as they are now. It seems our government is not listening to us. I wonder what we have to do to make them realise that they are there to improve life for ALL Brits and not just their wealthy mates.

I'm guessing that things are only going to get even more unliveable for those of us existing on less than £10,000 per annum. How many suicides and/or people freezing to death does it take before our elected representatives take action?

Maybe we have to wait until this country is so bad to live in that the immigrants stop coming and start going back to their homelands. Stop giving away our worthless cash to foreigners Dave and start looking after your own country.

18/11/2011 20:39
I have noticed that the government of this country is  blaming  everything they can just so to get way with they failures, eg, bad weather, good weather, royal wedding, US crises, EU crises. Just  think why run well economies like in China, Brazil, Australia etc are not effected from anything. The real problem is that the politicians of country are arrogant and out of touch with british public and they are  are in power to serve their pockets rather serving this country. 
18/11/2011 21:57

well if as the government  think we would vote not to come out of this  EU.  then put it to the test .

 Mr. cameron. give us the vote to do so.  its so strange  that you never said anything about how much you yourself  loved this EU.  or is it that you might be afraid  about what clegg would do.

 may be walk away from this partnership. if that is right do it . and let this little upstart walk.

 one things for sure he wont ever be a prime minster.  can some one  tell me what we get out of being in this EU. other than putting lots of money into  helping  other not ourselves. this i would love to know. for i can't see  what we get.

18/11/2011 19:48
Cameron would be better served to larrger this countries borders and stop trying to bolster a failed economy like the Euro he might try to act like a statesman but a statesman he will never be it takes a special type of person and i don't see any one of that calibre on the British political scene today
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