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Kim Kardashian and the stars who built business empires

Cindy Crawford

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Many models turn designer after they've left their catwalk days behind them but Cindy Crawford didn't go down the obvious route of clothing design.

Instead, she launched a set of furniture, named the Cindy Crawford Home Collection, as well as a range of beauty products with Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh - the man who's also known as the Wrinkle Slayer and Mr Botox.

26/05/2012 17:58

yes they have everything- isn't that just a bit greedy when so many young brilliant people who have worked hard to obtain degrees at university and have nothing but debt to show for it, cannot find a simple basic chance of a career?

I am fed up of so called celebrities getting yet another chance to make money whilst other talents go unrecognised and having nothing to show for it.

Just looking at the pictures above- do they really deserve their millions??


26/05/2012 20:31
It's kind of insulting for those that have bothered spending years studying and training to be fashion designers only to have these celebs come along claim they do fashion design and launch their own collection. Only its not their collection they have only stuck their name on clothing that someone else has designed for them, at best the celeb will have had a superficial input into the range an, "I would like that in red" or a "I think a belt would look nice with that". The same goes for celeb perfume range, I mean would it be so hard for celebs to just own up to that, that its the designers that deserve the credit and not them, that its just their name on it. I mean you can't really expect a celeb to be an instant expert at everything as they seem to make out to be with fashion, perfume, etc.
26/05/2012 17:27

Bono being the biggest hypocrite of the lot!

Kate Moss - incredible looks! was the reporter blind, look at the photo! a coke, nicotine and booze hag with apparently the morals of an alley cat.

Sarah Beeny gets her publicity from the channel 4 show and the money to rebuild her house although the local council don't like her that much!

For the rest, it just goes to show that there are people who will buy anything as long as it has a "name" on it!


26/05/2012 22:03

I agree that it is annoying that these celebs seem to be able to get richer and richer just trading on their name while other young talented people can't get anywhere because they aren't already well known but look on the bright side (go with me on this there is one!)

All these business ventures these celebs are launching need employees. People are getting jobs out of this, they get paid for these jobs and then they spend that money back into our economy. The celebs themselves and their employees pay tax, more cash back into the old coffers. If the people who actually design the clothes and write the books etc (lets face it we all know the celebs don't do it themselves!) are happy to let the celebs take the credit to boost sales who are we to tell them they shouldn't. It's their work and their decision. I would imagine they get well paid for it or they wouldn't do it.

26/05/2012 11:24
I always thought she would be a model. But she seemed way to smart in the interviews. Good luck Emma! :)
26/05/2012 14:52
You act in a few movies and become a semi-sex symbol, brands want you to wear their clothes, you negotiate with many partys who all pay for you to advertise and wear their brans, one party says "Wear our gear exclusively and we will pay you more than all of them put together". When that is done and after a couple of years when the public facination ebbs you setup your own label with the vast experience you have had wearing other peoples clothes and taking designers with you that you have befreinded on the way. Seems like a simple progression and the old adage that money makes money. This is not rocket science.

If Watson was a spotty ugly girl acting in Harry Potterher career would be over by now.

Bad mothers like Katie Price's clothes sell because she in a niche naff market of footballer type wives. Sadly Britain is rammed full of naff people sad enough to buy her sh1te at stupid prices.  She is so naff she should be advertising Burberry check.

Beckam ? A joke. A talentless plain-jane alien with an eating disorder that is lucky she had the life she did when the girl band concept took off. Marrying David was the best move she played. He though should of spread himself about and not be tied down with such a drag. VB has 4 kids. No doubt unbearable and precocious. A reality show with the Osbournes is watchable, one about the Beckhams would be less welcomed than sucking cyanide through my tear ducts.

Combs ? well he's a murderer ganster who made money through (c)rap music. People like him and drug dealer 50 Cent should be in jail but instead are rewarded with riches beyond belief.

McCartney, well, how much money can one person need / want ? I like him though.

Kate Moss aka Moose. Awful. Any female that lowers themselves to get involved with a filthy fingernailed junkie like Peter Dogherty needs to move to Amsterdam redlight district and lease a window. Personification = scrubber.

Bono, overrated awful twatter. Don't have time for him.

Bruce Dickinson is ace.
As is Marilyn Manson.
Bowie - the bomb. Wheres he gone ? come back David.

The rest can go to hell. What have they contributed to the world in the positions where they can ? nada.

26/05/2012 19:23
I'd be much more interested in VB if I heard she was doing something for the poor,sick, underprivileged and abused children of the world, rather than hearing how an obscenely rich woman seeks to foist questionable 'fashions' on us in order to make even more money.  Until that day dawns, I shall continue to despise this talentless, egotistical self promoting madam.

Please MSN no more
26/05/2012 07:50

here we go again another lovely picture of sexy emma watson

she always has me grasping my magic wand and shouting "EXPELIAMOUS" ahhhhhhhhhhhh that better.

26/05/2012 09:34
I rejoice in their good fortune, power, wealth, fame and glory. If all I could see in this world was poverty and suffering I wouldn't know what to do. Actually I do know...I would work hard to benefit those who experience misfortune and I would rejoice in others good fortune, then there would be no room in my heart to hate and despise.
28/05/2012 23:02
Nice to see Bruce up there!! The bloke really is an intelligent guy. He's the lead singer of arguably the biggest metal band of all time (which may I add kicks the arse of pretty much anything out there today). He's an airline pilot, and  even flew the Liverpool squad to Italy on one occasion. With the problems facing Qantas he got involved and helped to try and create a thousand new jobs. He's also done credible TV work, not forgetting the fact he shunned the voice. The bloke doesn't need to flog his soul to shift a few CD's, and raise profile.
Bruce is a really is an interesting person to listen to in interviews as well, sharp and articulate compared to a Katie price with every other word being 'ya know' and 'uuuh'. Which leads me to nicely to say why the f**k does this country make pea brained cretins like miss price national icons and millionaires! 

26/05/2012 15:56
16/11/2012 21:37
Great to see all these mega rich celebs donating so much of their hard earned wealth to the charities they "PROMOTE"....Shouldn't be long before we see an end to a world where one man can buy his own island just to top up his tan while another man will die through lack of food...
20/11/2012 04:24
Well, I have always believed that if you have the get up and go to succeed at one thing you can turn your hand to most things.
17/11/2012 19:42

Just looking at the pictures above- do they really deserve their millions?? From ms Gibson.



When JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter, she was not rich, what she gave through her writing was a fantasy story that captured the world. When Emma Watson was given the chance to play Hermione at the age of 10 or so, she was one of three main protagonists that bought life to a book that was well written. It is all about chance, being there at the right time and place.


Sour grapes and envy is what I read in your post.


26/05/2012 19:26
Old news on Bono, I believe the shares have actually dropped in value.
16/11/2012 19:34
some of these celebs/movie stars/prem footballers/ect have so much money its hard to believe sometimes,just think what they could really do to help people ,just basic food and water to really help people survive. seems to me the poor just get poorer and the rich richer and the oppertunities just keep rolling along.
He looks like he has been stuffing his face to often to.
16/07/2013 10:16
Judging from the photo its not just his business that Ronaldo is expanding!
15/07/2013 19:37
This bloke is by far the best footballer that ever lived. In his prime he was untouchable unlike messy who collapses to the ground if you go near him. 
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