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Meet the luckiest lotto winners

Gillian and Adrian Bayford: £148 million

Gillian and Adrian Bayford: £148 million (© Image: Rex)
  • Nigel Page and Justine Laycock won £56 million in February 2011 (© Image: Ben Birchall - PA Archive)
  • Dave and Angela Dawes won £101m (© Steve Parsons - PA Wire)
  • Gillian and Adrian Bayford: £148 million (© Image: Rex)
  • Chris and Colin Weir are the biggest UK lottery winners to have gone public (© Image: Reuters)
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Gillian and Adrian Bayford of Suffolk became Britain’s second biggest lottery winners last August when they bagged a whopping £148 million jackpot.

"I find it hard to take in the actual quantity of it," Mrs Bayford commented at the time.

"We have lived within our means and been comfortable but we have been like ships in the night to earn the income we needed.

"It will be fantastic to spend more time as a family now.

A jackpot of that size would earn around £2 million a year, or £166,000 a month, in interest after tax.

Having originally quit her job after the win, Mrs Bayford announced last month that she planned to run a local children’s play centre that she and her husband had purchased with their winnings.

“At the moment there’s nothing for children around here,” she said. "We wanted to give them somewhere to go. We’re hoping to bring back some fun.”

30/05/2013 14:26
01/06/2013 18:05
If I was fortunate enough to win the lottery , I would remain anonymous, I have 4 children and they would instantly become kidnap targets. My wife and immediate family would know, not my children! because I would open up my/our own business and they would think that hard work brings a nice lifestyle. My wife and I have also said we would go and sit in our local shopping center and people watch, and then give away 100's of thousands of pounds if not millions to people/families that we thought would benefit the most from our gift. We would also set up charities for Special Baby Care and elderly care in the northwest, also giving a large amount to Help Our Heros.
Garyk  Martin, Manchester.
30/05/2013 15:48
I'd get married before i told anyone or you could never look at your partner without a wonder if she was just a gold digger
30/05/2013 20:15
would help the son and daughter and grandchildren and gt. grandchildren, would love it to happen so  we keep on trying. someone has to win it hopefully me one day!! lol
01/06/2013 18:13
I can't even win at bingo let alone the lottery!
30/05/2013 15:47
26/08/2013 00:51
Look, i have meet so many winners in my life
and these are of the poorest people you can imagine on the planet.
I set out to meet people like this because they have the most to give
and i needed it so badly, (love and respect just for who i am)

Yes i found it and this is pure wealth.
Money will only buy you Fake fiends and foundations
unless you can manage it properly.

My Sympathy and respect goes out to Dave and Angela
on there good fortune and my wishes for you both are blessings for the future.
I am also writing this as i keep getting scam attempts by people
trying to make me offers (Scams, Even if real) that i can not accept.

We are Truestate, We are not scroungers and we respect all.
Come visit us: www.truestate.com or email: colin@truestate.com

17/02/2014 13:56
and that is the kind of woman i am.
17/02/2014 13:49

I am so sorry to report that I was able to provide these people with $2,500.00 of money to assist them in helping me to obtain $1,000,000.00 to help the needy and homeless people in my area.  Due to their urging and confidence that the money would be coming in just 24 to 48 hours, (except one time was insurance) and another delay was for tax purposes, and the bank was only sending money to me if the required amount was sent by WESTERN UNION and picked up by them by an agent here in the USA, for what purpose, I can only imagine. 

In the meantime, I lost my car, I lost my building I wanted to provide for the homeless, and all the cash I could scrape up to fulfill their demands.  They even said they would help me by providing half of the money needed to finalized the project.  The final blow was that "someone" in their bank stole the money and now they don't know where the money can be found, BUT the bank will be sending me a refund of the money I sent to facilitate the transaction.  Do you think I will get it? 

26/08/2013 01:22
It is very sad that you can comment but dont make an effort.
Life is not Free, You have to work at it.

01/06/2013 18:21
To these couples, we are all extremely jealous of your good fortune, but good on yer ;0)
10/07/2013 12:34
I hope the last couple use their money for liposuction or exercise of some kind. Winning millions is a big misleader in life (coming from the mouth of a non-millionaire...but I am not wrong)
01/06/2013 10:44
Good luck to the Winners-be wise-and for those comments on here-perhaps they want to go back to School and learn to read and write English!
26/08/2013 00:42
I am Ashamed at so much greed and crapp you all have to speak out of your ****.
Though i don't believe in gambling as it is always the unfortunate that loses every time but once in a blue moon Someone's fortunate. For this i pity because life will be so much unpure.
Win your Goals in life, Win your Opportunities, Win your Objectives and win your Fortune.
Gambling is for Losers. Scammers are the scum of everything. (Not Dave and Angela) The scammers

I Wrote this message because i have been having so many Scam messages from these fraudsters

However beyond all the scammers.. I Raise my Glass to Dave and Angela.
Good Fortune and it is nice to hear good things about good people.
Colin (Truestate)

29/05/2013 16:32
i wud buy a kebabb shop and eat kibabs evry day and buy lots of black men frum africa and usee them as me sex slaves   i wish i cuod win the lottry 
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