Tue, 19 Mar 2013 12:45:00 GMT | By Margot Huysman, MSN contributor
Roger Griffiths' comedown from millionaire dream

Roger Griffiths won £1.8m in 2005

2005 lottery winner Roger Griffiths (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • 2005 lottery winner Roger Griffiths (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • Celebrating the win with then-wife Lara (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • Roger Griffiths holding lottery cheque with Lara (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • Enjoying the fresh air and a glass of champagne (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • Griffith on one of his trips (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • Driving a posh car (© Ross Parry Agency)
  • Griffiths out partying (© Ross Parry Agency)
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What would you do if you won the lottery? Quit your job? Go on luxury holidays around the world? Buy a mansion? 42-year-old Roger Griffiths did all of those things, and now he hasn’t got anything left.

19/03/2013 15:50

Easy come easy go.


Just think what he could have done with his life.


Nothing left and still all his life before him.


What a waste..

19/03/2013 15:55
What a plonker! He could have set his self up for a comfortable life, now he will probably be a burden to his mother and the state.
19/03/2013 15:52
How can you win 1.8million and now be in debt? What a waste....
19/03/2013 16:01

What a twit. The rest of us have struggled through the recession without a lottery win. Instead of frittering it away stupidly he should have saved it or invested it carefully.

Why do lottery winners who screw up always start bleating about 'poisoned chalices' and 'money doesn't buy happiness', when it is their own stupidity that has got them into a mess?


19/03/2013 15:55
 whats that old expression'about a fool & his ££££££'
19/03/2013 15:52
Perhaps he should go away and have a couple of kids.
I'm sure this wonderful Government of ours would then come up with a scheme to financially compensate ex-lottery millionaires.
19/03/2013 16:03

Amazing to actually waste 1.8m, even though it may not seem like much, you could make a comfortable life easily.

19/03/2013 16:01
What a complete fool. He could have set himself up for life and lived off the interest.
19/03/2013 15:58

Well Roger if I was you, the first thing I would of done if i'd won that money was pack my bags and escaped from this country.  As far as Im concerned £1.8 Million is a lot of money if your wise with it

19/03/2013 15:46
bad i dont think so 2 houses to sell really skint i dont think so
19/03/2013 16:16
if your after sympathy you'll find it between sh1t and syphilis in the dictionary!
19/03/2013 16:03

£1.8M not a lot? Depends how you look at it and the decisions you make.


The average UK wage is supposed to ~£27K, but after stoppages that's going to be less than £20K take home.


£1.8M on the other hand is 45 years at £40K a year, so twice the average income.


OK so that's a bit of a crude analysis and doesn't account for inflation etc. nor interest on capital, but the point is anyone can just blow what they have, even if it's a lot, and if he'd have been smart, he could have had a comfortable, if perhaps not extravagant, life.




   Psssst...         Got enough left for a scratch card, mate?

19/03/2013 16:06

all that cash,didnt even get his hair cut lol.

got no sympathy for him.looks like a mummies boy anyway.

back home to mummy then,jog on.

19/03/2013 16:04
If he was any good at his job, he could easily get a job as an IT Project Manager as there is a shortage of GOOD IT Project Managers-not necessarily Prince II, Agile, or any other methodologies qualified (They are a waste of time anyway!!).

To go back to his mum is ludicrous, he dug a hole for himself, he should dig himself out!!!

As for the split in the marriage, its obvious they could not have loved each other, if they did then money would not come into it. GREED, GREED.      
19/03/2013 15:52
blair was on telly saying he was glad he went to war.tell that to the familes who lost loved ones the f*****git 10 years ago. all to make a buck for himself........ did he win the lottery.                  animal
19/03/2013 18:09
I had a lottery win 6 months ago £10 but its all gone now,sob.
19/03/2013 15:56
Ye messed up at the beginning! Let yer eyes over yer heart! tut tut!
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