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Some of the best British TV ads ever

Compare the Meerkat – Compare the Market

A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © VCCP)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © MSN)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © VCCP)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © Fallon)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © AMV BBDO)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © Electricity Association Services Limited1991)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © Saatchi & Saatchi)
  • A look at some of best British TV ads ever (© Image © HHCL)
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This has been one of the biggest advertising phenomena ever seen.

The success of the Compare the Market adverts starring Aleksandr Orlov and his 'Simples!' catchphrase eclipsed the advertising of any other price comparison site.

Aleksandr himself has over 800,000 Facebook fans and more than 50,000 Twitter followers.

Somehow the adverts managed to stay focused on car insurance - Compare the Market has rocketed from the 16th most-popular UK insurance website in 2008, to its current position of fourth.

29/05/2012 13:50
Coca cola advert should have been here without a doubt :D, Christmas doesnt begin until that advert is aired!
08/06/2012 03:01
Has to be Sergei and Aleksandr - Compare the Market.com!!
I love little Sergei!!

29/05/2012 13:35
Every home needs a Harvey, enough said.
29/05/2012 08:14
Go compare, every time I need insurance it really makes me not want to buy it. BANG BANG.
08/06/2012 19:40
has to be Compare the Market .com !!
29/05/2012 06:51
my ex husbands new wife, told every1 it was her in the gorilla suit, lol, i can now go bak and enjoy the advert again.
29/05/2012 02:26
every one of these adverts are realy good ...... MSN YOU DON'T HALF TALK SOME BO***X !!
29/05/2012 08:39

Some adverts stick in my memory from childhood so I guess they are better than the ones I've forgotten, I'm sure some of those above will stay with me too. 

I never know what influence they have on my choice of product though, is it just a sort of subliminal thing, keeping a brand-name in my head? Going round the supermarket, I never consciously think of an advert I've seen but I did use Compare the Market last time for car insurance and got my fluffy meerkat toy as a result, I suspect I probably was influenced on that one!

29/05/2012 00:58
The stylish, talking meerkats ad., works for me, every time....without fail.Like non other, ever......
29/05/2012 06:43
Some very good amusing adverts have been done over the years but do they sell any products? I am in my early 60's and can honestly say I have NEVER been influenced to make a purchase by a TV commercial or any other advertisement.
29/05/2012 11:35
29/05/2012 00:35
Budweiser Wassup advert is still my favourite, surprised that's not on the list to be honest
29/05/2012 10:36

I loved ALL the adverts and the music that was used in them. The Gorilla and music - fantastic ! ! the Honda advert - superb, the Horse advert - brilliant, the girl with the coat - classic tv also the gallaxy chocolate is brilliant because I love the music and would have liked to have found out what the music -  BUT I think the greatest one, I think, is the meercat


All in all, people have their own personnal favourites, and I daresay the adverts will grow better and better !

29/05/2012 12:38
My favourite advert (which is not mentioned here) is the Irn Bru snowman which is shown near christmas. Christmas has not officially started in our house until that advert is shown on TV!!
04/06/2012 07:40
Search for the "John West bear" advert on you tube  ,one of the funniest EVER made 
One I cannot forget even though it was ages ago. An ad for Williams Furniture Supermarkets. It featured a man in a green Superman costume and was only shown about twice before it had to be re-shot. If a copy exists it is well worth seeing. I'll give you a clue. The actor was not wearing enough elastic and he was a very big lad in the tackle department.
08/06/2012 11:31

I remember the one with the dambusters - it was at the dams with the bouncing bombs and a german soldier was deflecting each bomb away goal keeper style (if you've seen it you'd appriciate the humour!)


Right at the the voiceover says 'I bet he drinks Carling Black Label'!

31/05/2012 15:33
I love the aviva ads with the goths when they are handing the cuppas out to the work men. Laugh every time I see it.
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