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What's on offer this weekend

Shoppers take note: we’ve rounded up the best supermarket discounts and deals available this weekend.

Top supermarket deals and discounts (© Image © Getty Images)

With the cost of groceries seemingly always on the rise, we need to do all we can to keep grocery costs to a minimum.

So before you head off to the shops this weekend, take a look at the best deals and discounts available from the main supermarkets, all neatly summed up for you in the article below.

As always, remember that the key to cutting costs is never to buy more than you need just because it's on special. If you don't use it in time you're basically throwing money in the bin.




Supermarket discounts and deals

  • Seriously Strong vintage cheddar (350g): buy 2 for £5
  • Sainsbury's boneless lamb shoulder roast (400g): buy 3 for £10
  • Sainsbury's wafer thin honey-cured ham slices (450g): was £3, now £2
  • McCain Home chips chunky cut (1kg): was £2.60, now £1.30
  • Bird's Eye mini potato waffles (456g): was £1.99, now £1
  • Alpro Soya UHT original sweetened milk (1l): was £1.25, now £1
  • Levi Roots Reggae Reggae jerk BBQ sauce (310g): was £1.69, now £1
  • McCain Gorgeous chips (550g): was £2.75, now £2
  • Jordan's Country Crisp flame raisin clusters (500g): was £2.69, now £2
  • Etienne Dumont Brut NV champagne (750ml): was £31.99, now £15.99


Supermarket discounts and deals


  • Tesco bramley apple lattice pie (500g): was £2.70, now £1.35
  • Cheestrings Original (8x20g): was £3, now £1.50
  • Bernard Matthews wafer thin turkey ham (250g): was £2, now £1
  • Riverway Foods Cumberland sausages (12): was £5, now £2.50
  • Tesco Mexican lasagne (400g): was £1.50, now 75p
  • Tesco thin cut beef sirloin steak (250g): was £5, now £4
  • Tesco lamb steaks (424g): was £7, now £5
  • Tesco fresh pork chops (1kg): was £6, now £5
  • Aunt Bessie's Midweek Mini roasties (700g): was £1.99, now £1
  • Pukka pies (226 - 238g): was £1.35, now £1



Supermarket deals and discounts

  • Onken Biopot cherry/raspberry strawberry yogurt (450g): buy 2 for £2
  • ASDA pears (600g): now £1
  •  Flora Light spread (1kg): was £2.98, now £2
  • Young's 100% fillet fish fingers (10): was £1.75, now £1
  • Ben & Jerry's Core ice-cream tubs (500ml): was £4.45, now £3
  • Patak's jarred curry pastes (450g): was £1.76, now £1
  • ASDA Butcher's Selection lamb mince (600g): buy 2 for £7
  • ASDA Butcher's Selection Extra Tasty whole chicken (1.37kg): buy 2 for £8
  • PG Tips Pyramid decaffeinated tea bags (80): was £2.38, now £2
  • Coca Cola (1.5l): buy 2 for £2





  • Smoked cod loin: was £18.99/kg, now £9.49/kg
  • British pork chops (630g): was £4, now £2
  • Pepsi/Pepsi Max cans (8 x 330ml): was £4, now £2
  • Kellogg's Crunchy Nut cornflakes (500g): was £2.68, now £1.34
  • Kellogg's variety pack (8 boxes): was £2.09, now £1.04
  • Cathedral City mature cheddar (350g): was £4.287, now £2.14
  • Morrison's Signature ice-cream (180ml each): was £1.50, now £50p
  • Young's fish fingers (20): was £3.99, now
  • John West smoked salmon (170g): was £5.99, now £2.99
  • Oral B Professional Care 1000 Power Brush: was £60, now £30


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27/07/2012 18:03

Phew! Nearly forgot my Salmon Fillets and a nice drop of the old Ashgrove Reserve.


What a load of crap, why not reduce the prices of everyday items that people buy, like milk, sugar, bread and cleaning products.

15/09/2012 18:33

Supermarkets sell run of the mill cuts of meat for top dollar prices. Visit a real butcher if you want decent meat


15/09/2012 08:54
Just bought a packet of Penguin biscuits for 79p Homebargains thinking oh! thats a good price, but could not believe when I opened them how much they have shrunk them to, thinner and much much smaller, lots of other brand foods are all doing the same, HP sauce bottles have shrunk too, bars of chocolate as well, yet the prices are getting hiked up, less for paying more? rip off Britain just says it all, disgraceful 
14/09/2012 15:26

What offers??????




22/09/2012 22:46
Aldi beats all the above prices , we have been shopping at Aldis for 1 Year now as Tesco`s let us down 5 days before xmas as i did shopping online and because weather had been snowy they wouldnt deliver  ,so we went  to aldi`s and never looked back their fruit is better than tesco`s` and their Fresh Meat is fantastic quality and price is great as well
15/09/2012 13:12
At the end of the day we are all being conned, you dont get anything for free.
05/08/2012 21:00

Less two for ones just rduce the price of one


16/09/2012 07:59
try your local market for meat fruit and veg a darn lot cheeper i do this every weekend now and i support the ordinary person trying to make a living not the fat cats that count you as foot fall.

14/09/2012 18:00
I Have notice that they dont dare to put Lidl or Aldi or iceland, farmfoods because they are Cheap places Small Supermarkets to go. Why should they just show the larger supermarkets. even these Pound Shops sell food these days a lot cheaper than the Larger Supermarkets. Home Bargains sell food a lot cheaper aswell. I Have done the test been to all of them. I tend to stick to smaller Supermarkets cant stand these large supermarkets. you spend to much of your time in them sometime 2  to 3 hours shopping.
14/09/2012 17:36

Don't believe any of them.  Everything is smaller and more expensive.  Yorkie is 5 chunks instead of 7.  Innocent smoothie 750ml instead of 1L and 2 for £6 instead of £5.  Johnsons Baby Wipes have shrunk to 56 instead of 64 etc. I could go on and on.  I don't buy anything which has been shrunk.  Savvy shoppers aren't stupid you know!!!! 

15/09/2012 14:16

What i hate is buy one get one free..90% of these offers are for products that make you overweight.

alot of folk out there are eating them self to an early grave. and there kids are brought up on cheap unhealthly food., WHO CARES NOT THE SUPERMARKET ££££££££££S

15/09/2012 14:45
"Buy One Get One Free" multi buys etc. We're not idiots, It actually tells us how much profit / mark up that the supply chain is making and ripping us off   "Buy One Get One Free" it's not free we are paying for it, they are reducing there margins, but yet they are still making profit so why cant this be an every day price reduce prices to increase volume of sales then everyone wins ..IMO 
I just love those offers "98p each or buy 2 for 2quid"   Asda in particular.  They  think we're all soft in the head, can't resist those ol red n yellow stickers!
21/09/2012 20:39
These savings are good, but i bet Anthony Worrall Thompson has a few up his sleeve....
14/09/2012 22:13
this really annoys me,and after asking me pals,we agree on one thing! that supermarkets should be offering stuff at proper weights,not reduced and ask for a pound for it!! the stuff they should have on almost permanant basis are the essentials. asda did a deal on c+b branston baked beans,4 pk for a quid! cheaper than smart price by 3p a tin! asdas own brand bcurrent and apple juice 2 150ml bottles a whoppin 16p less than a 3l bottle ! then the flora buttery,was a quid for 500 tub it flew off the shelves as people bought sml tubs by the doz,as the 1 kg tub was nearly 3 quid! now they offer the 1 kg tub at 2pounds,and the sml one at around1.97?!! s/markets should be offering good deals on the stuff that matters,meat/chickens/sausages/bacon/eggs/beans/bread(not own brands) butter/marg/tbags sugar/coffee/cereals/milk(think they already do that)when can u remember  doorstep milk was 25p a pint?cheese/crips yogs/probotic drinks/tom sauce/veg inc spuds these to us (me n me mates)are the essential stuff,these are wot shud be on offer week on week,not namby pampy stuff,like wine/spirts/beer/specialist food like wierd cheese n stuff! wots up with cheddar cheese(though have to admit own price low budget cheese tastes like ration pack tubed cheese(forces peeps will know!)if you have extra dosh,then and only then shud u treat yourselves to the treats we used to get every week,ie wine etc.
05/10/2012 15:33

My wife does the shopping so I am not sure why I am reading this web page.

10/08/2012 18:38
do all these supermarkets think we are stupid they do not loose just lookat what they offer buy 2 for a cheaper price it is just one big con they like to think we are getting a bargen but we british know better
03/08/2012 16:50

Why isnt Waitrose Offers shown?.



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