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The UK’s biggest individual lottery winners

Gareth and Catherine Bull: £40 million

Gareth and Catherine Bull won £40 million earlier this year (© Image: Rui Vieira - PA Wire)
  • We reveal the biggest individual UK lottery winners who have gone public.
  • Stephen Smith won a £19 million lottery jackpot in January 2008 (© Image: Cathal McNaughton - PA Archive)
  • Cancer patient Iris Jeffrey won a £20.1 million lottery jackpot in 2004 (© Image: Haydn West - PA Archive)
  • Brian Caswell won a lottery jackpot of £24.95 millionin June 2009 (© Image: Dave Thompson - PA Archive)
  • Angela Kelly won a £35 million lottery jackpot in 2007 (© Image: Andrew Milligan - PA Archive)
  • Gareth and Catherine Bull won £40 million earlier this year (© Image: Rui Vieira - PA Wire)
  • Cassey Carrington and Matt Topham have won £45 million (© Image: Rui Vieira - PA Wire)
  • Les and Sam Scadding shared a £45 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2010 with a syndicate (© Image: David Jones - PA Archive)
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Nottinghamshire couple Gareth and Catherine Bull have fairly modest spending plans despite their £40.6 million jackpot win in January.

Speaking about what she planned to do now that she was rich, Catherine explained that she intended to use part of their winnings to replace the carpet on her upstairs landing...

What's more, the couple said they had no plans to move out of their current home. Clearly some winners are determined to ensure the money doesn't change them.

08/06/2012 04:55
I think a £1 million would change 99.9% of people's lives.  So wouldn't it be better having 126 winners winning a million each?  The people running the lottery have the same mentality as the bankers: greed for greed's sake.  No wonder this country is rotten to the core.
02/03/2012 15:03
It really amazes me, the Jealousy & negative comments some people write, to those people go get a life.

And to the Winners.... CONGRATULATIONS & ENJOY!!!

10/02/2012 12:17

I see that all the well-wishers and beggers are out in force then.


My advice to them, just enjoy it and have a carefree life, feel free to have as many kids as you want, at least you won't need the taxpayers to contribute to the cost of raising them.


And to the person that suggested capping the lottery jackpot and using the rest for the Police, NHS and transport, isn't that what we pay taxes for, not so we can bail out other countries who live beyond their means.

09/02/2012 18:55
As the saying goes "You've gota be in it to win it" !!!! so just remember if you dont buy a ticket, then dont moan, coz everyone has just as much chance of winning as this lucky couple did. Best of luck to them I say....
08/06/2012 01:26
£126m is an obscene amount of money for anyone who has been previously unaccustomed to such wealth to suddenly have to cope with. It is the stuff of dreams and I hope anyone who does scoop such a treasure is wise enough to realise importantly that it will drastically change them as people. You are not just well off - you are seriously rich and as that Scottish guy said when winning the record amount: With great wealth comes great responsibility. For more people's lives may be affected than your own when coming into such a windfall.
08/06/2012 09:19
I think a £1 million would change 99.9% of people's lives.  So wouldn't it be better having 126 winners winning a million each?  The people running the lottery have the same mentality as the bankers: greed for greed's sake.  No wonder this country is rotten to the core.
I couldnt agree more with this. Why not make the euro a raffle ticket game with a price of £1 and abandon the insanely-impossible numbers game, increase the number of raffle winners to like 10 per draw. Now hows that for some incentive to go out and buy MORE tickets.
08/06/2012 06:00
I don't think I would go public with a multi-million win, as the begging letters and possible attacks on the house would be too much to bear. The biggest problem at prestent would be where and how to invest or just leave it in the bank. Big worries but spending it would be easy.  
Congratulations! Well Done! Its a real treat when you hear of others being successful instead of the everyday doom and gloom. No doubt someone will have something critical to say but who cares? If I won 45 Million you can say what the hell you like, i'll be jettin off to the other side of the world seee ya lol
08/06/2012 08:25
win the lottery.  i"d never go public. too many  jerks coming out of the woodwork begging , but i"d still give some to  a charity.
25/02/2012 15:13
As a person at the other end of lifes scale it is good to see a young couple give such a wonderful start in life ,just take care of your nearest and dearest an watch out for those long lost friends that (just had to get in touch)and want you to ivest in thier hairbrained scemes. Good luck to you both and have a long and happy life
10/02/2012 00:50
How could you not be jealous of them? I wish them tons of happiness but... they don't look particularly smiley do they? 45 million in their hands and they're pulling the same bored expression I pull when I watch Eastenders.
13/02/2012 20:08
09/02/2012 22:33
I see Camelot banks with RBS Hope the cheque don't bounce
09/02/2012 18:59

The very best of luck to both of you , im so glad its gone to a young couple , enjoy .

11/02/2012 23:13
It really is nice to see a nice young couple win the money. I hope they listen to all the advice given to them and spend wisely as they could be blinded by their new wealth and fritter it away..... So please be careful and be happy together....
24/03/2012 06:27

Well, all what I have to say that you must have deserved it? God knows best He is the only one who knows who and how to give. Some of us have good wife, family, health, wealth, friends, some have peace of mind and some have wonderful children. But there is no one I mean no one who has got it all. Every one of us is rich but in different way. Be thankful for what you already have got.

09/02/2012 20:46
We'd all be lying if we said we weren't a little jealous but good luck to them both! You never know who's next..... 
09/02/2012 21:25
Lets be honest,Its a dream we all wish for,a life worry free with the money to make dreams come true.It would,however be lovely if a person who has suffered a lifetime of unhappiness and poverty would win so there last years would be at least happy and secure
08/06/2012 08:53

way to much money !!!! share the money evenly. i think £4 if you get 3 numbers is a joke .


09/02/2012 19:07
An obscene amount, far better if it was 45 millionaires! But good luck to them, you will need it going public!!!!
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