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The people who control your money

From bankers to politicians, we look at who controls our money.

The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
  • The people in control of our money (© Image © Press Association)
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A small number of individuals could make or break you with a single decision in a meeting room, bar, private members' club or restaurant table in the UK's capital city. Here we list the business people and public servants who have the nation in the palm of their hands.

29/04/2012 18:17
The report is untrue, these people do not control anything they are merely front men they are accountable and can be removed from position at the convenience of the Rothschilds ,Schiffs,Walburgs and all the other masonic new world order megalomaniacs. 
30/04/2012 08:46
Correction, these people are just the puppets, the puppet masters forever remain hidden. The people mentioned here are put up on a pedestal and we the public are asked to vote. It's just to make you think you are in control when in fact you are being controlled.
30/04/2012 08:18
scum the lot of them, time for the revolution
I also feel the word "Murdoch" plays a role in the debate along with liar and bastard.Clock
29/04/2012 09:30
The politicians are collectively breaking us already!!!!!

Rebel, I urge you all to rebel and clear all this rot and scum away. Guy Fawkes was right, we all know the history, we are living the result of not destroying politics and greed. Some reading this will disagree no doubt, but ask what people feel the UK has become and most will say bankrupt. These people are liars and cheats and even when they get found out there are no consequences for them.

Rebel before the mining of asteroids for metal and minerals makes everything on earth worthless. lol.

Don't tell anyoneDon't tell anyoneDon't tell anyoneDon't tell anyoneDon't tell anyoneDon't tell anyoneDon't tell anyoneDon't tell anyone

30/04/2012 00:31
 Bring on the next general election when i hope we the voter will have the choice of as many George Galloway's who will stand up for the working class of this country and snub the main stream political parties who have proved them self's,s not fit for purpose

Would that be the government that got in by default!! A clear indication that the vote does not achieve competent, honest government for the people. again I refer you to Mr Fawkes  Don't tell anyone


Hoy My Business


Shut your yap.


It is about time us folks did get rid of this bunch of jerks and not just by voting them out either. You can interpret that as you will.


We've been ripped off right left and bloody centre by these corrupt scumbags and Cameron and co are the worst along with their banker mates in the City, they cause the crap and we have to pay for it, enough is enough.


It's twerps like you who are not prepared to do anything other than criticise those of us who want real change, you are probably a bloody tory so crawl back under the stone you came from.


They can afford to spend £16,000 on plants for Osbourne's office, they are spending god knows how much on wars and bombing countries here and there, they are giving millions away to other countries yet they are screwing us every which way and say we're all in this together. What a joke, Cameron and Osbourne and most of this government are millionaires and understand nothing of struggle like the majority of us do. A revolution is long long overdue in this country, these idiots need a good hard lesson on how not to screw their own people, it's time for them to leave and never return.



correction the title should read the line out for the most wanted crooks in the country 
30/04/2012 08:24
wake up sheep we must stand up to this minority we are the 99%

To all you Tory lovers who are in denial about what this government is really doing WAKE UP!!


This government is not in control, they are only the puppets to the real power who are running the show, the corrupt bankers and corporate scum who care nothing for the citizens of this country. They only care about themselves and how much they can screw us. It's all about control and keeping us down, well some of us can see the reality of how things really are, those of you who are in denial  will come to realise just what is really going on.

29/04/2012 12:42
TWO POST BLOCKED FOR NO APPARENT REASON, Make's one wonder if your on the Gov's pay roll?????
30/04/2012 11:45

Who do you think your kidding MSN!!?? The people who control our money? The people who you present as controlling our money, are nothing but very well paid puppets of those who really are in control, and they stay out of view from the rest of us.

  Consider this: In 1945, the then Labour government, nationalised the Bank of England (who lend money to the government and charge interest on that loan.) That's a little strange, considering the government effectively owns it on our behalf. Well, the government may have nationalised it , but they don't have ANY control over it - THE BANK OF ENGLAND, IS A PRIVATELY OWNED/RUN BUSINESS!! It has a board and shareholders, and unlike the vast majority of private companies, you are not allowed to find out who the shareholders are - this is law, check it out for yourself if you have any doubts above this.

IT'S ALL A BIG BLOODY CON,and has now got to the point where you either screw the system, or the system screws you (which it's been doing for quite some time now.)

30/04/2012 08:42
The idea that wealth "created" in London finds it's way to the rest of the country is utterly ludicrous. The weath of the UK, really created elsewhere, vanishes into this bottomless pit populated by parasites of every sort, form and description. If the banks were nationalised and the City told to take a hike/closed down, this country would really thrive. This country is awash with talent and enterprise, as any perusal of engineering and design journals shows, unfortunately all this talent is hobbled by the metaphorical (but very real), leg irons and manacles imposed by the City and the banks.
30/04/2012 09:07
good comments, gives me a good feeling that more and more people are coming around to this illusion of our political and financial system. Now all we need is true justice for these so called political elite (lampost and rope style).
30/04/2012 09:38
WE the British... our language is all over this planet!
WE rule!

James Todd, Why the 'royal we'? The people of this Isle do not benefit from the mischievous money makers of the City of London, in fact we suffer them, for it is they who have bankrupted the nation and placed us firmly in the shackles of debt and use our country and people to perform their filthy trade and exert their influence all over the world.

Mike Muse was absolutely spot on with his post on the subject.

Read the 'timeline of the Rothschilds' to see what the reality of money is.


29/04/2012 12:39
30/04/2012 08:59
Total idiots every last one of them . They just don't know any thing about life or the working man. The word public servant meens nothing they don't even know we are here.
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