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The richest people of all time

5. Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov

The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © AP)
  • Richest people in history, according to celebritynetworth.com (© Image © AP – Getty – Wiki)
  • The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © AP)
  • Richest people in history, according to celebritynetworth.com (© Image © AP)
  • The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © Getty)
  • The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © AP)
  • The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © Wiki)
  • The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © AP)
  • The richest people in history, according to celebrityNetWorth.com (© Image © AP)
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Source of wealth: Royalty
Lived: 1868-1918

The last Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II’s reign has not been viewed kindly by historians — the ruler is often criticised for driving his once powerful nation into economic and military collapse. The son of Emperor Alexander III, Nicholas II (pictured right, with son Alexei) eventually left the throne in 1917, hoping to seek asylum in the UK. He was denied a safe haven in England, and in 1918 Nicholas II and his family were assassinated by Bolshevik revolutionists.

Bing: What would his net worth be today?

Does anyone still fall for this bullshhit? The Rothchilds, the Rockerfellas and many others are worth trillions not billions. They don't want us to know it, so we keep hearing about Bill Gates and co. It's nonsense. Now we're talking about Gadaffi and William the conquerer. Who are they trying to kid FFS!
08/06/2013 16:27
The west murdered Gaddafi for his oil, simple as.
08/06/2013 19:26
Just looking at all the blogs on here re the article above. I'm glad most people here are politically aware and know what's going on in the world. The rich own this planet including the multi - nationals. there is no such as think as democracy. these rich people influence governments, we are just worker ants...
08/06/2013 15:45
Funny how they paint a picture of Gaddafi as a Tyrant, monster etc but no negative language used when it came to the Rothschilds ...we the people are not stupid, we know Gaddafi wanted to use Gold for trading oil. I just thank the Lord for opening the heart of John Perkins Confession Of An Economic Hitman.

P.S. If Mansa Musa was alive today, he woudlve been long killed by the west as they are already in Ghana. 

08/06/2013 17:46
i don`t have a lot,but i learnt at a early age,not to give to charities who use paid staff
08/06/2013 17:59
how can someone like the Rothschild family be worth trillions when there are people starving in the world today . these people should have their wealth confiscated and give it back to the people who they stole it off . we could then give that money to the people who need it most and finally put an end to poverty in this world today . lets hope one day the people rise up and put a stop to these people as they are pure evil ..
08/06/2013 16:28
Why does this list not mention the zionist elite ie rockerfellas ,rothchilds,windsors the real greedy gits
08/06/2013 16:59
The richest man is none of the above! Firstly we should say person and not 'man'. The richest person ever is the person who gave away everything they ever had to the poor and never worshipped money at all. This person is the richest person ever! 

I feel sorry for those who worship or promote the worship of money.
08/06/2013 20:41

If you want to find out about the philanthropist MOAMMAR GADDAFI.

The man who was one of the most generous & revered leaders in Africa, the man who singlehandedly rescued his country from being exploited, click on the link above.

While we're on the subject of Gaddafi, "ask yourself a question" Why did the U.S. government give each of the witnesses to the Lockerbie bombing $400,000 each?

Also he died shortly after he went public that he was going to opec to propose that the price of oil be changed to the gold dinar per barrel instead of the almighty $, (CAN'T HAVE THAT,CAN WE.)

So our friends across the pond decided it was time for him to go, & decided to do it by using their poodle from across the pond (us) without showing any involvement.

They had to do it because he was a big danger to the price fixing cartels from around the world,





... ... ( & yet, others ... ... ... well ... ... ... ... ... )     ~

08/06/2013 19:09
Rockefeller's are allegedly worth 10 trillion. However the Rothschild's practically own the US, Reuters, AP, and fix the price of gold estimated at 500 trillion or about fifty times the UK national deficit. (based on 1000 billion UK?)

The reason this isn't talked about is that the world is moving closer to a common form of communist style free market generaly supported by the economic right. The idea in principle is that the five continents are being merged together into a common economic philosophy. They create and manage the media, how we consume it, dictating what we consume and the banks that enable us to do so, while we remain slaves to the system. Not convinced. I wasn't, do the research it'll scare you senseless. Scary eh?
08/06/2013 17:53

The west as in yanks an brits an their european cronies , meddle in all countries that have resourses .

They assasinate elected leaders , they send in death squads , the plant bombs an blame other tribes to start tribal wars. They kill inocent people , such as human rights lawer patrick finucane murdered by british mi6 agents . They then invade  countries kill hundreds of thousands because there leaders have a bad humans rights record . Invade afganistan to bring them so called demoracy put a goverment in power who is more corrupt than the one they got rid off .and people still vote for these vile scum called british politicians .


08/06/2013 19:34
'At the time of his capture and death in 2011, Gadhafi was the richest man on earth.' Should read 'at the time of the invasion and his murder'......probably will never do though......
08/06/2013 15:23
Yes but where are they and their money? You pile them up, but you wont take any of them with you. Best to take on what will make you live a comfortable life and give the rest in charity to the poor and needy not the politicians. 
08/06/2013 17:34

I taught the people Libya had the best standard of living in that part of the world, funny what have they got now?

America has no oil in Texas, Texas oil dried up in the 70’s, yes there is lots of refineries, based on that I want to ask a question,   America use over (I think it’s) 20%, of all the oil in this world, now Since the two wars, they are now have enough for their own market plus they are biggest export is oil. Where is all that raw crude coming from?

Slavery: the Abbas went into Africa, and enslave the black man /woman and left their religion behind too, they then sold these slaves to the Europeans, it is said that Africa became depopulated, at that time the world wanted spice. How long ago, think of your grate grandmother / father its round about that time, and remember not because the book give you a date, do you think because slavery was out lawed, do you think the slaves in the Caribbean /new world were set free.

When ford invented the model  t, it was to run on alcohol, fords even had they own alcohol refineries, funny,  soon as fords say petrol the American prohibition of alcohol was over.

Diesel: man can make biodiesel at home; I know diesel is big in the EU but not in North America, try buying a new ford f150 diesel.

What next will mankind need next?  

Funny what mankind will do mankind when it comes to power and money?  And the odd think is we all has to die and leave it right here.

What do you think people like the Koch brothers, and their tycoon’s friends, royals, tyrants etc. will do if they got a chance to live forever? 

08/06/2013 21:40
that is not ture why you lie on pepole and try to misrepresentation the Facts their reputation .. what you know about Gaddafi  you siad , Gadhafi was the richest man on earth. which is not ture  so what about the queen then please stop distortion , he is just leader of the Revolution  he left the power since  1977 ..he  is just a symbol and the people govern themselves through conferences popularity  members both is to exceed eighteen men, women and called this  power of massa..Muammar Gaddafi does not have anything was living in  the camp  called bab Elazizzia  so stopped distortion his image  any way no one belive you any more  .Muammar Kadhafi downt to the earth and friendly  very good guy  and the majority of libyan pepole love him and die to portact him  long live Gaddafi
08/06/2013 15:14
08/06/2013 13:37
what about Marcus licinius crassus?surely he should be in the top 10, and is even often credited as the wealthiest person in history

09/06/2013 19:42
what we do know is that good honest people will never top the rich list.
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