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UK banknotes quiz

How much do you know about the UK's notes?

A prototype of the new Bank of England £50 note, featuring engineers James Watt and Matthew Boulton (© Image: Bank of England)
  • A prototype of the new Bank of England £50 note, featuring engineers James Watt and Matthew Boulton (© Image: Bank of England)
  • Who features on the current Bank of England £50 note? (© Image: Getty)
  • Sir John Houblon, first governor of the Bank of England, features on the current Bank of England £50 note (© Image: Rebecca Naden - Press Association Images)
  • Who features on the Bank of England's current £20 note? (© Image: PA Photocall)
  • Economist Adam Smith features on the Bank of England's current £20 note (© Image: PA Photocall)
  • Why was this Northern Irish note removed from circulation? (© Image: Cathal McDougal - Press Association Images)
  • The Northern Bank £20 note was reissued following a huge robbery at the bank's headquarters in December 2004 (© Image: Cathal McDougal - Press Association Images)
  • Which legendary Scot features on Clydesdale Bank's current £10 note? (© Image: Getty)
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How well do you know the faces that appear on your folding money? Scroll through this gallery of banknotes past and present to test your knowledge.

25/03/2012 16:17
It's not much of a quiz when the name of the person portrayed on the note has their name next to their picture.  Is this a quiz for morons.
25/03/2012 17:42
oh its not such a problem when their names and year are right next to their faces is it how dum.Thumbs up
25/03/2012 19:32
If, I have to be totally honest,  I truly can't remember the last time I saw a 'Fifty-Pound' note!..either giving or recieving!.....I would sumise that most of the 'TORY', party are Oblivious to this experience......Correct  me if I'm wrong.
25/03/2012 21:53
This is not a "Quiz".  It is another form of 'distraction' devised by the media to divert your attention away from the really important stuff that you are not intended to know about. For example, take a good look at 'Yourstrawman.com' and learn how you are being lied to on a daily basis. This is the stuff that really impacts upon your life and puts things into perspective. You will then understand exactly how 'money' operates and how it has all of you enslaved. And to confirm what I have just said, see how long it takes before my comment is removed!
25/03/2012 20:05
Ohhhh Yeaahh!!! I got 100% on that quiz, I'm a fricken genius!!!
25/03/2012 22:13
D kenyon
You have just demonstrated a 'distraction' devised by yourself.
Please be specific and explain how 'money' operates.
I doubt if you have a clue.
Please put things into perspective,as you say,and do not refer to a website.
You will then understand that we are not all idiots.
Your comment is not yet removed.

25/03/2012 21:03

not much of a quiz i knew all the answers and have most of them notes hidden away somewere for a rainy day


25/03/2012 20:52
the only thing i know about money is how to make it and spend it
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