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Wealthy children who made their own fortunes

Ivanka Trump

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Model, businesswoman, TV personality and writer, Ivanka Trump has made a name for herself. That’s despite being the daughter of Donald Trump, whose wealth has been estimated at between $2.9 billion and $7 billion.

Although she now works for the Trump empire, including appearing on her father’s TV show, she didn’t move straight into the family business for an easy ride.

Instead, she gained a degree in economics, worked for a several other traders and designed her own range of jewelry. Now she’s the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at The Trump Organization, and has continued her sideline as a fashion designer.

18/01/2013 11:15
Fact: Paris Hilton wouldn't have her own brand perfumes, shoes, handbags, TV work and general notoriety if her last name wasn't Hilton. 

Fact: Miley Cyrus would not have made $120 million at the age of 18 through music and TV without being the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.

They didn't "work" for their success, they were practically handed it because of their surnames.
18/01/2013 12:48
What moron wrote this rediculous article? They all have millions behind them and more importantly, names, and family's that can open doors, without these things, alll these people would be saying is ''do you want fries with that''!
18/01/2013 11:27
Easy to take risks when your easily bailed out !
18/01/2013 12:14
If they had to work 40 hours a week to pay the rent, and didn't have unlimited access to big business, cars, the world, would they have found fortune so easily??
18/01/2013 12:28

Without the money in the first place they would not be in a position to make money.

So the statement in it self is full of bull ****.

18/01/2013 13:33
So you are saying that Ms MCartney has had no help, no leads no pointers and no ££ from Daddy.

......yeah right....Ill just go and shoot that pig thats flying over my head   !!
18/01/2013 13:14

Wealthy parents may not necessarily spoil their children by doing everything for them - but one thing they do, is giving them a good education - and bags of confidence.  They know they're going to be successful because they've been told so by parents and teachers, because of who they are.


A person from a poor background won't have that confidence, ragardless of talent.  They'd be looked down on, crushed by criticism and ignored.  It's been said that, the greatest talents God gave to mankind are buried in the cemetery - people who's gifts were never discovered or regarded as important.

Let me tell you something about these kind of people, my grand daughter is a very keen and competant horsewoman at the age of 10, she qualified for a national final held in Earls Court and won only to be demoted to 2nd place by a points deduction because her pony is not a thoroughbred, this just highlights the kind of snobby people who frequent these circles.
18/01/2013 14:58
Made their own fortunes?
Is Felicity Hannah for real? Does she not think family money, good education paid for by parents, a network of the rich and their brand name had anything to do with their success?
Another worthless article by a dillusional idiot!

18/01/2013 14:34
All of these people have been given a leg up in life. The word meritocracy is alien to them. To suggest they made a name for themselves is ludicrous (my word of the day).
18/01/2013 14:18
Agreed they are hard workers , but they got the chances because of who they are , and who they know , & get the chance to meet & mix with , the biggest & best movers & shakers. There are many talented , hardworking , young people, who just are unable to move in the same circles. But that is life & always will be.
18/01/2013 15:45
none of the above have ever put in a hard days graft like the rest of us mere mortals do day in day out.
18/01/2013 15:43
wealthy yes but made it through there own steam my arse not while mummy and daddy are around ; while  millions of young people in this country have no hope or future because they were not born  with a silver spoon in there mouths, young people in the uk have been neglected for the past 20yrs or more, but live your lives fast and rich and want for nothing and give a little to  charity to ease your minds and spend on your lunch what most of us have to  live on for a month and count yourselves very very very lucky that you can have a good sleep in an expensive bed tonight while thousands are living out on the streets in all weathers, enjoy your expensive organic lunch while millions + children are going hungry in this country because there parents mostly through no fault of there own have to live on benefits, enjoy your expensive 6 week holiday while most children in this country have never seen the countryside or a beach, i am awfully sorry if i have upset your day or lunch but i am sure your next wage willquickly make you forget. 
Yep, and 99% of them had a state education and wouldn't have dreamt of using their Daddy's/Mummy's name....
18/01/2013 17:16
This is a ridiculous article; I think msn does this to get a reaction. Either that or the writers of these cheery little snippets are denser than we initially thought possible.

Of course wealthy parents open doors for their darling offspring! To pretend otherwise is delusional. They will always have access to money, a good education and a network of talented people that run in their social circles.

Most of us will never have that kind of safety net in life. If your fall is going to be painless, and the bank of mummy and daddy will always fund your hopes and dreams, it will make you confident and equipped enough to pursue whatever it is you want in life.
18/01/2013 14:08

In answer to your question in the last paragraph, the answer is a slight maybe for one or two at most, tf they did fail their parents would bail them out. 


its ok stateing that these kids have made their own way in life but with wealthy fathers such as these who couldnt . it was there to start them off.dont say otherwise. if i had wealth parents i could have done the same instead of bringing up 5 kids on my own and holding down a mon-fri job then having to work sat -sun in another job and still do all my own housework and cooking and providing for my kids. them lot had it easy to begin with. stop kidding yourselves


18/01/2013 15:45
of course you have all heard of the benid  brand  i never had any help from wealthy parents to get where i am today 
18/01/2013 15:31
Has Dasha got a face like a slapped **** ,because she's forced to watch Chelsea ?
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