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Government hails unemployment fall

The Government has welcomed a fall in unemployment and benefit claimants and a big increase in the number of people in work.

Unemployment fell by 14,000 between October and December, official figures show

Unemployment fell by 14,000 between October and December, official figures show

The Government has welcomed a fall in unemployment and benefit claimants and a big increase in the number of people in work.

Almost 30 million people were in employment at the end of 2012, the highest since records began in 1971, while jobseeker's allowance claimants fell to a near two-year low.

But the good news was marred by announcements that 464 jobs face the axe at failed music chain HMV after administrators announced the closure of a further 37 stores, and 400 jobs were put at risk at historic carpet maker Axminster.

Meanwhile youth unemployment increased by 11,000, the highest rise for a year, and the number of people with more than one job increased by 41,000 to 1.1 million.

The Office for National Statistics also reported a continued cut in the real value of pay, with average earnings increasing by 1.4% in the year to December, down by 0.1% on the previous month. Regular pay, excluding bonuses, rose by 1.3%, the lowest figure since the end of 2009.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith pointed to figures showing a 15,000 fall in the number of people out of work for over a year to 879,000.

He said: "The fall in long-term unemployment is particularly welcome and shows that the training and support we are offering is helping people move off benefits and into work. These figures show another big increase in full-time jobs, half a million more British people in work over the past year and more women in employment than ever before."

Shadow work and pensions secretary Liam Byrne said: "Today's fall in the headline rate of unemployment is welcome but it is now clearer than ever that British workers are paying the price to get a job or keep a job. People have now taken an average £1,200 pay cut since the election because jobs are so hard to come by and today we see there's still more than five people chasing every vacancy."

TUC general secretary Frances O'Grady said: "The Chancellor must put tackling our youth jobs crisis at the top of his Budget priority list. He can start by introducing a guarantee of paid work for any young person out of work for six months or longer." Neil Carberry, the CBI's director for employment and skills, said: "It's pleasing to see businesses are continuing to create jobs, though the weakness of pay growth shows we are not out of the woods yet."

The so-called claimant count fell for the third month in a row in January, down by 12,500 to 1.54 million, the lowest since June 2011. Unemployment, including those not eligible for benefit, fell by 14,000 in the final quarter of last year to 2.5 million - 156,000 lower than a year ago. The number of people classed as economically inactive, including long-term sick, people looking after a family or those who have given up looking for work, fell below nine million, the lowest figure since the autumn of 2006. Youth unemployment, counting 16 to 24-year-olds, rose by 11,000 to 974,000, the biggest increase since the start of last year.

fiddling the figures again, when we see with our own eyes , firms closing down , and others going into administration,  unemployed being taken out of benefit, even though they still have no long term work, all points to a LIBeration of the truth, by a CON  government.
With all this terrible unemployment, our government are going to let in millions of Bulgarians, and Rumanians in the next year. Now you know why I vote for UKIP.
20/02/2013 17:22
These figures are a joke, not everyone that's unemployed is on JSA after all....get it right MSN
Remove them ,dont include them, stop their benefits and hey presto the figures dont look that bad on paper. Seen and heard it all before with thatcher. How many immigrants arrived last year and unemployment fell ,dont make me laugh. Thats why i detest most of todays politicians, they treat us like idiots.
20/02/2013 18:07
If you fall for that bloody boll*cks your a fool..  Just yesterday they were telling us Costa's Coffee had applications of over 17,000 for just eight jobs and the government really expect us to believe unemployments down while so many people are losing their jobs...  They're just manipulating the figures..  It's called lying..
20/02/2013 17:28
If you believe this then you will also believe that the NHS is safe in the Con/Dem's hands, all it really means is so many people have been removed from unemployment benefit, whilst others have found part time work, the reality is much worse.
20/02/2013 18:29
All the unemployed are out working for nothing with  the threat of loosing the very  little they get if they don't, thanks to Camoron and his crew. That's how unemployment is down.
20/02/2013 19:41



How can a economy be run successfully, when the figures you use to base policies on, are distorted. massaged and bogus?
20/02/2013 19:29
Massaged/manipulative figures from gov' capitalist fraud mob..

From what I can see, the only extra jobs are being created in the fast-food industry. I have had all my working life of over 25 years sitting down in offices and am not physically able to take work in this sphere. Create more jobs in offices, factories and trade apprenticeships thats what I say.

20/02/2013 20:54

What they dont  want you to know is that approximately 3.6 million Romanians and Bulgarians will be allowed to  come to britain over a number of years , lots of people scrambling for jobs means minium wage is likely to disappear  and that health care could become dependant on needs of state . Oh well ?

20/02/2013 20:45
We plebs believe every thing our Honest Tory/Lib/Dem/Labour Governments tell us.
21/02/2013 11:54

the only reason unemployment seems to have fallen is because the DWP has kicked thousands of people off benefits and onto the streets so they don't have to pay them any more.

while at the same time fiddling the figures to reach government targets send all the European citizens back to where they came from and give the jobs back to british people that's the only way unemployment will fall.

20/02/2013 23:31

Another manipulation of figures that just don't add-up, if we have a record number of people in employment then we must have sustained growth ! Rubbish, just look at GDP figures, anyone on nmw

are still unable to live solely on their wages , doesn't really count , nice try ,IDS.........  

21/02/2013 10:13

its fallen due to people dying and also people been taken off benifits are now classed as in work and not claiming


bull figures


21/02/2013 02:48
how can you hail it , all the school leavers have no jobs because you,v let to many in the country , the whole of parliament wants shutting down , how much would we save a year mmm i wonder , put the ppl who live in the real world in instead ....
20/02/2013 23:12

How does the song go?




Expect Dopey Dave's singing ' Everythings coming up roses'

21/02/2013 09:48

again government fiddling the figures ,firms and shops closing unemployed being taken out of benefits.

millions of bulgarians and rumanians can come over next year.

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