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How to turn your spare room into a man cave

Men: watch the Clever Spending episode below for affordable ways to turn your junk room into a joy room.


The five steps

1. Recce the room: make sure you have a plan for the room before you introduce any gadgets or gizmos.

2. Games table: a homemade games table is a far more affordable option compared with expensive options from retailers.

We assembled our table using plywood, fabric, foam, buttons, a staple gun and glue. The surface is removable so you can use it with any table in the house.

3. Comfort: gaming chairs are a cost not many of us can afford. The best affordable alternative is finding a second-hand recliner and buying accessories separately.

We kitted out our recliner with a Logitech speaker system and massage pads. Logitech speakers are great value for money and offer suitable sound for gaming.

4. Retro gaming: some retro games consoles can be picked up for next to nothing, and offer (we think) just as much fun as the latest games on the market.

Keep an eye out in charity shops for the rarer consoles, such as the Super Nintendo. More available options, including the Sony PS2 and Xbox (with a collection of games) can be found on eBay for less than £20.

5. Creative lighting: funky, creative lighting is a simple and cost-effective way to make your man cave space your own.

Second-hand lights from bars can be found online for bargain prices - but if you're out of luck in auctions or charity shops, buying lighting first-hand is unlikely to break the bank.

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