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How to spot a fake note or coin

Tips to ensure you never end up with counterfeit cash

Tips to ensure you never end up with counterfeit cash (© Image: Peter Byrne - Press Association)
  • Tips to ensure you never end up with counterfeit cash (© Image: Peter Byrne - Press Association)
  • One of the hardest parts of a coin to fake is its edge (© Image: Microsoft)
  • The designs on the heads and tails of a coin should be in the middle (© Image: Press Association)
  • Only one company knows how to make the paper used in the UK's banknotes (© Image: Microsoft)
  • Some parts of every banknote in circulation have raised printing (© Image: Microsoft)
  • Counterfeit notes have less quality in the fine detail (© Image: Microsoft)
  • Every Bank of England banknote has a metallic thread woven through the paper (© Image: Microsoft)
  • A clear watermark with the Queen's portrait is on every Bank of England banknote (© Image: Microsoft)
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Starting this summer, retailers will be allowed to refill cash machines from the notes in their tills, rather than waiting for a new delivery of banknotes.

While these shops will be required to put anti-counterfeit measures in place, there remains a possibility that fake notes will worm their way into circulation.

So you need to be more vigilant than ever when accepting cash. To help you spot a fake, we reveal the tell-tale signs of fake currency.

26/10/2011 08:52

Your article states that passing a counter fake notes is a crime,

So surely if I get fake notes out of an ATM then the bank has passed them on to me and committed a crime ??

25/10/2011 23:21
I have two £18 notes in my wallet, and a 73 pence piece. How do I check if they're fakes?
29/03/2012 14:25

the human race is a controlled joke.

we are worse than sheep.

if everyone wasnt so greedy life could be enjoyed by everyone,

at the end of the day earth is owned by no one and we should be able to do whatever the hell we want.

if we actually worked together, we could all have a slice of cake.

idiots just accepting the crap that the goverment pushes on us.

ridiculous prices on food, petrol ect, and a crap pay for most jobs.

everything costs so much now days, how are our children possibly going to get out in the world and buy thier own house? unless they come from a rich background.

personally i have a job and work 5 days a week full time..... i have friends that are out of work, and sign on.. they get given a house, slashed prices on bills, and more than likely have more money than i would have left over after paying bills. so... a life without work, and getting everything for free, thats fair... thats really f*cking fair. well done us. billions and billions of pounds are wasted on crap everyday (£million movies that flop in cinema ect) ...

and instead of everyone standing as 1 and fighting for an easier and equal life we choose to cower and do as we are told.... pathetic. (F*ck your fake bank notes)


16/12/2011 12:03

Whar's the differance its all funny money. The bank of England prints as much as it likes.


26/10/2011 13:16

Why don`t we go back to the bartering system. Do away with cash altogether.

If for instance if you take a bus ride, you could hand over say half a pound

of King edwards. A trip to the Cinema....Two mackerel...bag of Popcorn, half

a Mackerel. Oh dear.....

I`ve just thought of a major floor in my plan, counterfeit King edwards,

counterfeit Mackerel and counterfeit Popcorn.

Sorry chaps, I thought I was on to something there.


26/10/2011 01:49
real or fake /is there any difference all printed by conmen.gotta go running outa ink
29/03/2012 11:51

I don't know why but when I read this, it gives me more of a "how to make a perfect counterfeit note guide" feel, rather than the "How to spot a fake note or coin" which the title suggests. Not that I would make any, but still...

25/03/2012 17:54
So, how many of us have the time to check our money?
26/10/2011 01:19
Send them to me - if they're forgeries, I'll send them back.
21/05/2012 09:32
there is no doubt these people influence our lifes but by and large they have to balance the books.We have millions of immigrants from europe and from every part of the world besides our own lazy people who do not work taking money from the system one way or another so by an large they have to make hard decisions effecting our lifes.PLC GREAT BRITAIN is on its knees.We all have to tighten our belts except those on benefits 5.2% pay rise no stoppages,and yes the very golden boys we complain about.Bring on the revolution we need to take our country back
26/10/2011 01:13
Scottish £20 notes are a real laugh !
pass them to a supermarket checkout girl and watch Her face!
Hardly anyone knows what they are actually supposed to look like !
Usually they just bung them in the till to avoid embarrassment.

I usually make a joke saying "they gave Me a shoebox full to get rid of" and they still don't check them.

And if Your wondering !  There REAL notes and I don't have a shoebox full ! Wink
26/10/2011 11:10

I  remeber finding £1 on the floor, So I gone to Mc Donalds to get a Choclate Muffin...To find the £1 coin was fake T.T

25/03/2012 16:56
25/10/2011 16:37
jenzo that is true, but rubbing the correct colour kids crayon on the coloured part of the counterfeit banknote, will give the same effect when the note is rubbed on paper making it harder to spot. 
31/10/2011 17:13
Just go to Lewes or Brixton??? Can you imagine what the reaction would be if there was such thing as the Geordie Pound, or a Whey-Aye 20Geordie pound note featuring Gazza or Jimmy Nail... who are great ambassadors of Newcastle (snigger) heehee!!!
25/10/2011 16:29
I think the best way to tell notes has to be the INK TEST because on the real notes it is always wet on fakes they dry so wot to is : Get a piece of of white paper then just rub the note on the paper NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE THE COLOUR OF THE NOTE ON THE WHITE PAPER LIKE ORANGE FOR £10 NOTE, PURPLE £20, RED £50 NEVER FAILS IF NO COLOUR THEN FAKE !!!!!


26/10/2011 10:20
It's called quantative easing and it's legal.
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