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Cheapest cars to insure

We look at the 15 cheapest cars to insure in the UK.

We look at the 15 cheapest cars to insure in the UK, including the Ford Ka. (© Image: Ford)
  • We look at the 15 cheapest cars to insure in the UK, including the Ford Ka. (© Image: Ford)
  • Chevrolet Spark (2010 model onwards) (© Image: Chevrolet)
  • Citroën C1 (2005 onwards) (© Image: Citroen - J Lejeune and P Legros)
  • Fiat Panda (2004 onwards) (© Image: Fiat)
  • Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback (2006 onwards) (© Image: Vauxhall)
  • Volkswagen up! (© Image: Volkswagen)
  • Citroën C3 (2002-2010) (© Image: Citroën)
  • Fiat Qubo (2009 onwards) (© Image: Fiat)
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With the new number plates now available, you might be thinking of paying a visit to your local car dealer. If so, we can tell you which cars are generally the cheapest to cover.

Insurers will usually focus on the following factors when they're deciding how to categorise a car: repair costs, price of the car, engine size and security features. Using these factors, cars are then split into 50 categories, with category one being the cheapest.

Now let's look at the 15 cheapest cars to insure. We'll start with five cars in the cheapest 'group one' section. Then we'll look at the 10 cars in group two. Within the groups, we'll order the cars alphabetically.

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19/02/2012 21:52
Wouldn't be seen dead in any of those cars. Will stick with my Audi TT. Rather pay a small fortune in insurance, tax and petrol and look good on the road.
25/02/2012 23:44
As someone who works in the insurance industry it is interesting to observe the level of ignorance on this board. Premiums are high for young drivers because they drive like idiots and crash, everyone else is paying extra to fund uninsured drivers and those parasites who live the "where there is blame there is a claim." 
For every £100 you pay for your premium, £60 will go on claims, £20 in commission to the broker, £18 to run the office and about £2 will be profit. There is no rip off Britain here - just a lot of bad drivers and a culture of over-claiming.

20/02/2012 20:52

Dear Duffield.

Did you not know that you pay a high road tax because of the damage YOUR vehicle does to our roads.? If you do the crime pay the fine.

19/02/2012 22:45
What a load of mong motors! Wouldn't want any of them even if they were free to insure.
19/02/2012 21:53

I have a Chevrolet Matiz,  the interior is very nice, and also don`t have to wind down the

front windows, both driver and passenger are electric;  gives very good performance,

would definitely buy another; I know MSN have the Spark in their list, don`t tar all the cars

with the same brush .

21/02/2012 18:16
its a car for a woman, no surprises that its cheap to insure, its cheap inside, cheap outside and doesnt go fast enough to cause any damage
20/02/2012 17:21
i drive a mercedes c220 and ended up with a fiesta as a courtesy car after storm damage to mine.. all i can say is it was like driving around in an underpowered lawnmower.  slow cheaply built and worst of all uncomfortable on long journeys.  My insurance for a large mercedes is around £350 which i think is reasonable enough. so if you want a cheap garbage car buy one shown on here. if not buy something decent and comfortable. lets face it you shouldn't be getting cheap road tax because it has a small engine your still using the road it should be on the price of fuel. that way the more miles you do the more you pay simple really.
20/02/2012 15:35
Fiesta is best of all i have 1.6 tdci zetec s great mpg 70+, Motorways 70-80 mph returns 58 mpg great to drive round town and on motorways  loads of power great road holding and very sporty looking and only £20 road tax a year and very cheap insurance on a 1.6 no wonder it was top selling car in its class 10 out of 10
20/02/2012 19:41
TO PARTY GIRL AND GERARD DUFFIELD..............bigger the image smaller the personSmile
20/02/2012 20:34
To Lloyd Craine............ I take it you drive one of these cars lol sounds like a bit of the green eyed monster.
21/02/2012 14:13
Gerard Duffield,(duffield), your picture tells us all we need to know about you!!
26/04/2012 21:16
Why does a 2000, 599cc Smart car cost over £400 to insure fully comp and a 1998, Audi A6 Avanti, quattro with a 2.8 ltr engine in cost just over £250 !!!! Same insurance company and same details for both vehicles...

21/03/2012 19:46
                          I was so taken on with your article on the 12th. March, I went out the same day and changed my MX5 for a Chevrolet Spark.
14/03/2012 09:47
40 years driving never had an accident, premium renewal doubled from £340 to£ 720.how do they work that out. that was with  OH YES guess who
27/02/2012 01:54
i very much dought you will paying out against unisured drivers if the person claiming is not fully comp anyway  linda legerton
19/02/2012 20:56

Thats good they should do this infuture good.

20/02/2012 22:51
my car might be drab in the interior, but you can bling it up !! with chrome from korea, Chevy missed the market on this ? losing money there, plenty extra's have been added at nearly cost price on ebay and not the dealer stealer rates. belting car just wish they release a automatic for the UK market (town driving). and yep it's cheap as chips under £300 fully comp for a brand new 61 plate and free road tax as well. and she is comfortable to drive and is a town car, not a motorway cruiser, if i wanted one off them i would have kept my volvo T4 with all the toys, but it's about saving money and using the car as a tool not a toy.
27/02/2012 08:20
I sometimes think all they do is pull a number out off a hat anyway. My wife drives a Toyota Yaris and I drive a Land Rover Discovery the difference between quotes is less then £80 and both are well below £400.
15/03/2012 06:34

2 years ago a certain insurance company put up our insurance from £235 fully comp to £670 the reason for this we had been hit, rear ended by another driver and therfore we had had an accident ??  what a crappy excuse so they went bye bye's were now with the AA for now.

like others there is now no point staying with the same insurer year after year as you get no loyalty discount, they just dont care anymore Sad

14/03/2012 22:40
if you are daft enough to pay, they are willing to take you for a ride.
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