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The UK’s biggest individual lottery winners

As one lucky punter bags a fortune, we reveal the biggest individual UK lottery winners

We reveal the biggest individual UK lottery winners who have gone public.
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A car mechanic from South London has bagged a whopping £107.9 million Euromillions jackpot plans to buy a fleet of supercars with his new-found fortune.

41-year-old Neil Trotter learnt he was the single ticket-holder to scoop the massive jackpot on Friday evening at around 10.30pm.

"I took out my ticket to check the winning numbers and amazingly one by one they matched. I told Nicky, my partner, 'I've done it, I've won the lottery'. But she told me to shut up and to stop being an idiot.

"Apparently I turned white as a sheet and couldn't sit still, I kept walking round the house - I didn't know what to do with myself. I got her to check the numbers with me and she started screaming.

Potter says he plans to upgrade his oil-stained Ford Focus with some flashier cars, including a McLaren.

But first on the shopping list is a new house, with ample garage space.

Trotter is by no means the only Brit to win big in the lotttey. Indeed, the EuroMillions has been kind to punters on these shores, as the following list of the UK's biggest individual lottery winners shows.

Note: this list excludes syndicate winners and those who chose to remain anonymous

09/02/2012 17:26
And so what if they are goths, they paid they stake money and took their chances like everyone else, whose to say it should only be won by suit wearing yuppies.
09/02/2012 17:31

what a life they can have, if they sensible with it.


No mortgage, No rent, No debt


GREAT holidays, Enjoy and have a good life together,

09/02/2012 17:19
Good luck to you both, now my only advice to you would be tape up your letter box, because your now likely to receive all sorts of begging letters from charities and fraudsters who are after something for nothing.
09/02/2012 18:22

Good for them.

Reading through some of the comments below I can't believe how bitter and nasty some people are JUST because its not them.

Here we have 2 young people with their whole lives ahead of them and it all just got a whole lot better. Like most I struggle to make a living, mortgage, credit cards, bills, 2 kids to bring up etc. If I won the lotto only to find cheap shot comments from jealous people on the internet i'd be quite upset.


For god sake people, i'm not religious but envy IS a sin.


Well done Cassey and Matthew. Enjoy your winnings and have a fantastic life.

09/02/2012 17:31
Good luck to them. Have top wedding and a nice life.
09/02/2012 16:31
Wow well done to you both go spend whoop wooooo 
09/02/2012 17:47
Ian Cummings (below) 
Have a word with yourself, that comment was totally un-nessersary. 

Jakub Malawski (below)
your comment would explain why models are so poor and penniless. Doh.!

Anyway, good luck to you both, ignore the plumbs that have nothing better to do..
09/02/2012 17:49
Many of us struggle through life with ups and downs including me but I'm a great believer in fate and clearly this couples fate was to win this money. Like most of us, I hope you enjoy your one go at life and with interest alone at probably around £25,000 a day, that's not bad at all. As Delboy once said, "We've had worse days" Good luck and ENJOY !!
09/02/2012 17:54
The lottery is the lottery - anyone can win it - they did and good luck to them.  Now please please please could I have a turn ?
09/02/2012 16:46
Well done Folks you are young enough to enjoy the winnings. I wish you both happiness and health for the future. Please Please stay sensible and give some deep thought for your future plans. The world could now be your Oyster.
Good luck to them,glad that is a young couple Smile
09/02/2012 17:41
good luck to them both, i hope you have a rocking life , and remember all the people that have been there for you through the tuff times will allways be there,and the ones who weren't BET THEIR GUTTED NOW. 
09/02/2012 16:33
Good luck to them. At least its coming to this country!
09/02/2012 18:01
Am delighted for them,both hard working people who seem decent human beings..well done!
09/02/2012 17:28

Lucky them! I hope God blesses them and guides them to live the rest of their lives wisey. <3

And store 1/2 of it away. Also do not give out more than £1000 to extended family. Trust me long lost relatives will appear!

09/02/2012 16:55
WOW he can now afford a decent razer that and a hair cut fabulous!
09/02/2012 16:42
Is that a shadow under his chinny-chin-chin or a hideous bit of poorly maintained gothic whispy beardage ?
09/02/2012 17:01
if that's the excited face of her winning £45 million i would hate to get her in the sack...
09/02/2012 16:51
They looked miserable. If I'd just won £45 million I'd be smiling like a Cheshire Cat
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