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Mcllroy win triggers Santander ISA bonus

Rory Mcllroy's victory at the PGA Championship on Sunday means that some Santander ISA savers will get an extra 0.1% bonus on their accounts.

Mcllroy win triggers Santander ISA bonus

Mcllroy win triggers Santander ISA bonus

If you opened a Santander 2-Year Fixed Rate Major ISA earlier this year, you should be feeling pretty pleased today.

That’s because the account not only offered a 4% standard interest rate, it also came with a 0.1% bonus if Rory Mcllroy won a golf major at some point before summer 2014.

And the good news is… Mcllroy won a major on Sunday – the PGA Championship. So if you have this  ISA, you’ll get an extra 0.1% bonus two years after you opened the account. Of course, 0.1% isn’t a life-changing amount of money, but every little helps and, of course, all your interest will be tax-free as this account is a Cash ISA.

Sadly, Santander has now withdrawn the 2-Year Major ISA for new customers. It’s been replaced  by a 2-year Fixed Rate ISA which pays an interest  rate of 3.6% a year. That means that Santander shares the No. 1 spot for 2-year ISAs with the Post Office Fixed Rate Cash ISA Issue 7. The Post Office ISA also pays 3.6% in interest.

If you want to find out about all the top-paying ISAs on the market, check out our article on The best Cash ISAs right now.

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