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Sunday Times Rich List 2013: the UK's 15 richest residents

Sunday Times Rich List 2013

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In his short story 'The Rich Boy', acclaimed author F Scott Fitzgerald wrote, "Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me. They possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft, where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand."

Likewise, on a lighter note, American comedienne Rita Rudner once quipped, "Someday, I want to be rich. Some people get so rich, they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be."

In short, the super-rich think, behave and live a world apart from mere mortals like us.

According to the 25th yearly Sunday Times Rich List released this weekend, the UK's 1,000 richest residents have total wealth of £450 billion. In fact, you'll need a fortune above £75 million merely to get into this list.

There are 88 billionaires among the UK's super-rich, including the 15 individuals and families in this report. According to the latest Rich List, they are the UK's richest residents, with combined wealth of a staggering £119 billion. That's enough to give every household in the UK more than £4,500, with billions still remaining!

So, who are these 15 magnates, moguls and business tycoons, and how did they make their fortunes?

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21/04/2013 10:56
i wonder how much tax they pay ? my bet is that the man in the street pays more.
21/04/2013 10:38

Just to think they got a 5% bonus (tax cut) to help them along, courtesy of Gideon.

We wouldn't want then to starve, freeze to death or end up homeless would we ?

21/04/2013 11:22
lets have a list of hard working people, rather than a rich list, let them get on with it money does not make you a better person 
21/04/2013 10:58
its a shame they dont share it with the millions starving in the world.
21/04/2013 11:30

all live in the Uk tax free on condition they have there money in a british bank.


thats fact

21/04/2013 11:33
They all strike me as the same types, totally ruthless and without a care in the world for anybody other than themselves.
21/04/2013 12:56
Why don't they live in their own countries????????
21/04/2013 12:14
okay now lets have alist of how much tax each one paid in the uk! Bet its now where near as much as a percentage any of us paid if in deed any at all!
21/04/2013 11:31
What will these be remembered for. Their wealth or how they helped man kind?
21/04/2013 12:46
yeah, don't they all look a picture of health and beauty!
21/04/2013 11:34

People being so rich is unfair and unnecessary. They are getting paid too much. (Other people with ordinary jobs, work hard and do not get paid these huge amounts).What happened to philanthropy? These people are greedy because they do not give to help others. Always appeals are made for help and if the rich people donated, the appeals to ordinary people would not be necessary, i.e. RSPCA, British Legion, etc.  

21/04/2013 15:13

What i find puzzling is the ammount of Russion wealth.

The industries these few people run were obviously state owned.?

So how come they got hold of them.

I mean you look a Abramovich (Chelsea owner).

He don't look like your usual captain of industry for start.

Anyway after that Russian bloke was topped off the other month, sorry suicide (if  you can believe that story).

They can keep it.


21/04/2013 16:52

       How many murders  and threats from 'heavies'   have been responsible for the accumulation of these riches?     How much suffering  of innocents, too?


         I am proud to be a Scot.    Our   Carnegie   and    McCabe ,   to mention only two,    used their riches to help their  Countrymen. 

21/04/2013 14:14

It'd be interesting to know what their employees get paid per year.

21/04/2013 13:17
Its as if the old school just don't learn any lessons, about there past or the future.  PUZZLING 
22/04/2013 10:36
yep its always the little guy who has the taxman on his back the fat cats get the cream breaks
21/04/2013 18:07
So much money and still most of them are UGLY like hell ( mean ugly from the outside-in , viceversa and everywhere and every meaning the word UGLY may have!)   Gosh, how disgust im at these excuses for human being , having so much, doing so little for other fellow human beings and being the  real responsables for most serious issues of the world! UGLIES!!!
21/04/2013 13:16
So what 'Sunday Times' that they have a lot of money? Am I suppose to suck their c*cks now?! They'll be very lucky indeed! GET ON YER BIKE!!
21/04/2013 11:42

ya can see why they need to avoid to pay the tax man and just why camaron must help them to keep more of ther money in the bank.


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