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Millions face rise in energy bills

Millions of families are facing another jump in household bills after it was reported that the UK's largest energy supplier plans to hike its tariffs.

British Gas is set to increase its gas and electricity prices, it is reported

British Gas is set to increase its gas and electricity prices, it is reported

Millions of families are facing another jump in household bills after it was reported that the UK's largest energy supplier plans to hike its tariffs.

Centrica-owned British Gas, which serves about 12 million homes, is preparing to announce as early as Friday that it is increasing electricity and gas charges in the high single percentage digits, the London Evening Standard said.

The average British Gas annual dual-fuel bill for gas and electricity currently stands at £1,260 - meaning a 5% increase would add £63, while an 8% rise would put on £100.

A British Gas spokesman said: "We do not comment on future pricing movements. We do not comment on speculation about future pricing movements."

The report comes as rival SSE prepares to increase tariffs by 9% on average on Monday, hitting about five million electricity customers and 3.4 million gas customers.

British Gas put gas and electricity tariffs up by 18% and 16% respectively in August 2011, blaming higher wholesale costs, but this was followed by a drop of 5% in electricity tariffs in January when prices eased.

The supplier is expected to say it was forced into the move by higher wholesale prices and the rising cost of using the National Grid network.

British Gas warned in May that its costs were rising, with wholesale gas prices 15% higher for the coming winter and other charges set to add around £50 to the cost of supplying the average household this year.

But the division provoked outrage in July after it unveiled a 23% leap in profits, admitting last year's hefty price rises helped it pull in £345 million in operating profits in the first half of the year.

Commenting on speculation that bills were set to increase again, Caroline Flint, Labour's shadow energy and climate change secretary, said people will "not understand why British Gas are putting prices up".

12/10/2012 06:51
The cold weather season arrives so British Gas increases its prices by 8% with very little warning.
This government has kicked the poor, the elderly, the sick and the unemployed, (and they plan to kick them again) by reducing welfare payments (benefits) and now British Gas add to the kicking.
I am in receipt of benefits ...due to an accident at work, I was a senior security guard at a high street store, I was run over apprehending a shoplifter, in the course of doing this, he fractured my knee, which had to be replaced (total knee replacement ) I have been told that my housing benefit is being reduced by £5 per week (I will have to pay this out of the benefit I receive)I have been told that I will have to pay a percentage of my council tax and now British Gas increasing their prices.......also food prices are going to rise, with the weather being bad this year, bread is expected to rise by 8p per loaf.
ALL this cost has to come out of the pittance THIS  Government gives a person to survive on. which they are reducing frequently.
I am 59 years of age, ex-military (Army) served my Queen and country, paid into ALL the systems that were in operation throughout my working life.....now I require some help with surviving (getting some of that money back) THIS Government are doing the opposite....
12/10/2012 07:14
Let's all just leave British Gas.
12/10/2012 02:56
thieves and robbers,thats all they are.
12/10/2012 05:43
its all designed to keep the poor , poor & make the rich , richer.
the gov wont do sod all about it as they will get back handers & force
us to pay for it in some way or another.

Right now we are in a modern version of a mid evil setting where those
who work are going to be working for food & to pay tax.
We no longer have a gov for the people we have not had that in god knows how long.

Just look at what the current & previous gov have done given billions in aid to banks
& other nations India / Pakistan and countless other nations while taxing there own
people to the point that they are working three quarters of a year just to pay taxes.
they don't want us to have any disposable income they want us to have to keep working
till we die.

Our own people who`s mothers fathers grand parents all paid in to the gov coffers
there whole life's when they need help get next to NOTHING.
But yet some one who jumps on a boat , train or plain & comes here illegally
Will get a free house free clothes free bills , free driving lessons free health care
& what sticks in my throat more is they get more MONEY than some one who
has worked all there days paying taxes in this country.

12/10/2012 06:53

To all those people that queued for shares in British Gas and all the other utilities, to make a quick buck.


Are you happy now?


As for the Conservatives that privatised all these rip-off utlities? I ask this?


Tell us poor sods who are now freezing in our homes now, and choosing between heating or eating, in the coldest of winters, of how privatisation of all these things have benefitted the consumers?

Come on Cameron!


Here comes Dick Turpin again riding straight through my home and robbing me blind, week after week they find ways to financially rape the working class'es and we still let them get away with it. I suggest we all go to No 10 and 11 and sit by their ferkin FIRES.
That's the british today isn;t it? we are very good at expressing our anger on social networks and the like but not getting off our arses and actually doing anything about it..we may take the **** out of the French but theyed be burning down the headquarters of  British gas by now!!..just use the power that we have and have always had......Choice!! Boycott the company and drive it into the ground...same with election choice..get rid of corruption and greed .
12/10/2012 06:15

Ofcom are as good as a chocolate fire guard !! USELESS

You might as well sack that lot!!

12/10/2012 04:01
thank god i,m leavin BG hope many others do too what is next to go up everything going up but our money no wonder this country in the s***
12/10/2012 07:10
I can see the scenario now.........the way THIS Government are treating us, crime rate is going to rise, burglaries are going to become more common(as people steal to survive) people are NOT going to feel safe in their homes.
One good thing that has recently been said is............YOU CAN BATTER A BURGLAR,..................... god help any burglar that enters my home.
12/10/2012 06:42
I'm not a Labour supporter but gas, electricity, and railway privatisation was the biggest rip-off in history. If Labour said they would re-nationalise all three of these privatisations WITHOUT any 'compensation' whatsoever they would have a runaway victory at the next election.
i already dread the cold. i have my heating set at 15C. i am on benefits and will not be able to afford to use the heating much this winter. what are these people trying to do to us?
12/10/2012 08:12
CLAIM EUROPEAN EQUAL RIGHTS use the human rights lawyers and sue the goverment for negligence and the gas companies for corruption and infringement of your rights and use legal aid to do it, then see how quick these companies sit back and enjoy the wealth and the goverment to do something.DONT WINGE AND MOAN ABOUT IT DO SOMETHING britain was once great because of the british determination not to lie down both world wars we could not be defeated and yet now the nation has become weak, are we that diluted with foreign nationals that the fight has been bred out of us, use the laws that are constantly  shoved in our faces at our expense against them.
12/10/2012 11:03

Robbing bastards they deserve to go out of business, if we robbed the public we would go to prison .


12/10/2012 07:51

They have 6 million customers plus, show them a bit of people power and MOVE,if just 1 million moved shares would drop so fast they would soon change their minds and the other companies would not follow suit.


12/10/2012 10:27
Energy,up fuel, rail fares ,public transport up, food up, goods and services up and up,  middle order life, down down deeper and down ,when the F....k is it going to stop , take my job away give it to another country ,then bring back the goods to sell to me more expensive, priceless,
12/10/2012 10:11
Once again this shows how the government's "watchdogs" have no teeth, and there is no real competition, as they feel they can just raise prices whenever they like and increase their huge profits with impunity! When is the government going to actually do something about this rather than just talk!
12/10/2012 08:06
" Some people will not understand why British Gas are putting up prices " Oh we understand alright you greedy wa***rs ,
12/10/2012 06:49

amazing ........ just as winter sets in AGAIN .......


should of never been privatized ....... holding familys to ransom ..... GREEDY BASTARDS

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