Mugged by a monkey in Gibraltar? Bad haircut? Then you better make sure you have a good travel insurance policy.

These are just two of the more bizarre claims made recently by holidaymakers returning from a trip overseas, Go Travel Insurance reveals.

But bad as it is to have a monkey making off with your camera, it's worse still to be left counting the cost. Halifax figures show more than 4.6 million Britons never take out travel insurance.

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And to try and motivate people to get covered, as well as understanding what is and what isn't covered, Go Travel Insurance released its five strangest claims.

"Delayed luggage, lost cameras and missing passports are the usual claims faced by our staff, but there are a handful of people every year who come through to us with incredible stories," said chief executive Christian Young.

1. Monkey business

A man called complaining that he had been harassed by a monkey while in Gibraltar. The monkey would not leave the man alone and then ran off with his camera.

2. Water carrier

A man lost his bag while travelling, but when the claim came through all he was claiming for was a bottle of water, a newspaper and a packet of mints.

3. Bad hair day

A man called wanting to claim for his daughter’s bad haircut. She singed her hair on the oven in their apartment and so had paid to have her hair cut while away, which turned out badly. As it happened while they were away the man thought that travel insurance should cover the cost.

4. Dog awful holiday

A dog owner wanted to claim for an operation that the pooch needed while he was away on holiday, while it was being looked after by a friend. He was advised to refer to his pet insurance but he seemed to think that it should be covered under his travel insurance policy as he was away when the procedure took place.

5. Make up for a bad experience

A woman had her cosmetic bag stolen and was extremely distressed as it contained all her expensive lotions and make up. However the thief would have got a shock as one of the expensive face cream tubs contained cream for her haemorrhoids.

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