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Image (© Todd Williamson - Invision – AP Branden Williams – Hilton & Hyland)
Bruce Wills sells hacienda home for $16.5m

Action star trades gated Beverly Hills mansion for 20% less than the original asking price.

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New research has found that families are spending an average of £180 on back-to-school supplies for their kids. Does this tally with your experience?

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    14 %
    Yes, that sounds about right to me
    599 votes
    20 %
    Yes, but I think school supplies are getting more expensive every year
    797 votes
    29 %
    No, the cost of new uniforms, stationery and sports kit takes us well past the £200 mark
    1,151 votes
    37 %
    No, I wouldn’t spend anything like that amount on the little horrors!
    1,484 votes

Total Responses: 4,031
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