Updated: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 14:33:13 GMT | By Donna Ferguson, contributor, MSN Money
Bargain property: cheapest houses in the UK

A look at the UK homes on sale at a bargain price

Bargain homes UK [image © MSN]
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It is now £120 a month cheaper to buy a property than to rent, according to Halifax.

Surprised? You might not think it is easy to find cheap property in UK towns and villages, but if you know where to look there are certainly bargains to be had.

Here’s our guide to some of the cheapest houses in UK towns and cities that are habitable and for sale at the moment - including, quite possibly, the cheapest property in the UK.

Please note that, in the interests of achieving a better spread across the UK, we've looked for the cheapest houses in various regions, rather than the cheapest homes outright (which are mostly in one specific area).

If it's extreme bargains you're after, why not take a look at our gallery of homes that cost less than £25,000.

04/03/2013 13:54
The mortgage repayments may be cheaper than rent costs but don't forget if you own your own property you are then also responsible for all the maintenance costs so has this also been taken into account when stating one is cheaper than the other
04/03/2013 15:04

the one in bradford sold for just under 50,000 at auction


09/03/2013 19:33
What about all the houses in Liverpool which are for sale at £1 each????
The conditions of purchase are that you must complete the renovations and live in them yourself for a minimum of 5 years.

09/03/2013 16:17
also dont forget when you own your own home you can't get help with your morgages when you lose your job so it does make you wonder which is the best i know i have been there Sue
10/03/2013 02:12

Dear househunters,


Miss / Mrs / Ms Ferguson seems to think that thre is a Borough of Thamesmead (unpopular or otherwise).   Try writing to this mythical - or is it legendary? - borough to find out what Council Tax / Community Charge / Rates is / are payable.   Good luck.   Thamesmead does exist, its (not it's) proper / original name is Erith Marshes or Plumstead Bog.   Don't live there ;   you may never find your way out . . .





10/03/2013 10:30
You must REMEMBER, You can't take a pile of bricks to the super market for food when the time comes, & the time is coming
25/09/2013 11:37
These properties are MASSIVELY overpriced though.
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