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For sale: quirky homes that need fixing up

5. Oast house

Image © Oast House
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On sale for £350,000, this totally unmodernised twin roundel former oast house in Kent has over 1,700 square feet of character, charm and potential.

13/02/2013 07:35
even get a free ghost with the church next to the top left benches :)
13/02/2013 11:11
Some of the cottages look great, not sure how I'd feel living in an old church!
... an interesting array of available opportunities shown there ! ~
just goes to show  how people  have  given up on god to sell off his churches  no wonder this worlds  in mess  as it is today    he will have is own back  trust me

These are nothing, very unimpressive. Round my way they convert anything. Old farm buildings, little derelict chapels, railway houses, even odd bits of War Dept property left over from WWII.


The chapels are everywhere. They come on the market unconverted for under £100K with planning permission while the converted ones (3 or 4 bed) start around £150K and go up to £300K. 


But there is a downside to occupying an old structure. I lived for two years in a part modernised 200-year farm cottage - plenty of rustic charm, nice and cool in Summer but near impossible to heat properly at this time of year.



13/02/2013 14:12
i would love to live in a church complete with graveyard but alas i am poor and cannot afford to.
18/02/2013 03:40
How about a converted public toilet? Or a home made underground? Or a train? These "quirky" homes are different to a degree but hardly left field. Especially churches
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