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Property hotspots for 2012

We reveal the areas where house prices are likely to rise in 2012.

Property hotspots 2012 (© Image: Getty Images)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image: Getty Images)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Property hotspots 2012 (© Image © Zoopla)
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Speculation about the UK property market is rife at this time of year, as experts try to predict the prospects for prices for the year ahead.

But there is a great disparity in views ranging from those who think the market's resilience in 2011 shows a confidence in bricks and mortar, to those who expect price falls and a deepening of the north-south divide.

While only time will tell what 2012 will bring, there are plenty of places which have the potential to thrive in spite of the current uncertain climate.

We've scoured the country to find the potential hotspots for 2012.

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08/01/2012 11:14
...Most people are living in a dreamworld ...when the bankers made it too easy for working class people to borrow money well above thier earnings..we now have a people who are struggling to survive to keep up the payments .....if all the people living on negative equity decided to call it a day ...then would there be a massive collapse in the economy ...in this country now , we have highly skilled workers unemployed , no industry  a government who is backhanding , look into europe they build thier own trains , they have thier own car industies , they have state backed farming and fisheries...this once great nation is in decline , to a very dangerous point ! civil unrest in the streets is rife , a multicultural experiment gone wrong...did the state ever think that some people never wanted it ? we should have funded the poorer nations with skills ..not money or food or weapons...education ..tribal nations can never live side by side in thier own enviroment ...how can they here ?
23/12/2011 17:31
Nice how they go really slow to alter the stamp duty as it suits them. They know the price of houses or should do so why the hell cant they keep on top of this rip off. It really eats a chunk from what you could be using to better your lot. Isn't it like everything in this country. Petrol shoots up overnight then takes ages to drop if ever.
08/01/2012 12:11

The rich  middle classes now dream of living in properties their poor working class parents dreamed of getting out of!

08/01/2012 14:29

there  has to be a correction between the price of houses and the salaries and wages of those trying to buy. It is now not possible to buy an average family home on an average wage - the repayments and deposits are out of reach for most people. Those who say that prices will continue to rise are missing the main economic point - that as our economy continues to stagnate, skilled people will migrate and economic immigrants return to their countries of origin.


Salaries will continue to fall in real terms and inflation is the weapon of choice of the government. reduced wealth for all will mean that less and less people will be able to buy a home - this will cause a surplus of homes - we already have 350,000 empty homes - so house price inflation is a result not of demand but of a malfunctioning market.


Property is a bad investment vehicle - it adds nothing to the growth of the economy, rather the reverse - buy a home to live in - not to flog on to someone else at an inflated price to subsidise your retirement!

21/12/2011 11:52
Until that fool Osborn does away with that stupid stamp duty on £250.000 houses the market won't pick up. Another of Gordon Browns follies
08/01/2012 22:37
I thought Newbury was in Berkshire - not Hampshire.  Hindhead, Liphook and Petersfield aren't anywhere near Newbury and probably have no influence whatsoever on the place!  Marlborough and Hungerford are a bit nearer the mark. Get your facts right.
08/01/2012 13:47
I live in a 2 bed terrace off Chiswick High Street.  No garden, no parking space, no views, no beach,  lots of congestion, lots of pollution, LOADS of anti-social behaviour.  It is hard to believe that my house is worth more than everything you own at castles eday.  Paul you must be mad to want to leave there.
08/01/2012 19:47
We live in Bradford and have been trying to sell since Oct 2010 general feeling is that the market in our area is dire very few properties in our price bracket are selling (£200k plus) lack of first time buyers is severely impacting people like us further up the chain they need to bring back 100% mortgages for those that can afford them or the market wil remain stagnant indefinately.
08/01/2012 12:47
Thats funny....I live in Torbay and the average house price for a 2 bedroomed property with a sea view is £160.000 ....where do these prices come from????  Perhaps you want to come and buy my 3 bedroomed for £270.000!!!
08/01/2012 13:17
With house prices being the way they are, congestion, pollution and anti-social behaviour,  why not move to somewhere safe, quiet and reasonably cheap.  Search for castleseday and escape the rat race
08/01/2012 18:08
I live in Barrow-in-Furness the price quoted is about right,and we have weathered the recession quite well, but the  'Regeneration projects which include a huge marina which is due for completion in 2010, while a new ship terminal and watersports centre are also planned have never happened the marina has been started but never finished there will be no significant uplift to the town until the idiotic council agree to an alternative route in and out of the area allowing the area to open up and reduce rates in the town centre to keep the last remaining retailers and to encourage others to come to the town.
08/01/2012 21:57
Just buying a plot of land by Solva Pembrokeshire. In a national park half mile from the best coastal scenery in the world aren't i lucky Open-mouthed
05/02/2012 12:02
Sorry don't find this useful at all. Full of geographical inaccuracies (how the hell is the Hindhead tunnel on the A3 going to affect Newbury? It's about 50-60 miles away as the crow flies!) & while Salford has had an upsurge in property values because of the BBC move but you wouldn't get me going back (born & bred there I know the place too well) but maybe things will change in that city over time.
Some of the other areas, well again full of incredible inaccuracies - there's not enough room to post them all. Get people who know their geography & have a bit of insight into the areas & current pricing & not rely only on internet based data.
08/03/2012 11:44
If anyone has been to Corby, you would understand why house prices are so low! They can revamp the shopping centres and build as many homes as they want, it still wont change the reputation made by most people living there!
08/01/2012 13:29
Cracking website Paul.  If only I could leave my job I would be up there like a flash.  Where else could you get such a property with your own beach in the UK for that sort of money.  Why on earth do you want to leave??????
06/01/2012 02:11
I cant see prices of houses falling too much unless if the sellers are going to sell at a loss,because prices of materials to renovate,to build,and workmanships such as builders and carpenters are so expensive.What will eventually happens is lots of owners of houses who cant afford to pay for the mortgages or maintenances may be forced to sell but the welloff house owners will hold on to their properties.The result will be shortage of homes for new buyers. 
08/01/2012 13:08
So pretty much more ot the same. Those who have get more. Time government policy gave a helping hand to other areas.
08/01/2012 13:08

well said linda lewis, i live in torbay and the price of 2 and 3 bedroom average price, is

between 150,000 to 170,000  you can buy mine with sea views for 270,000


08/01/2012 20:29
am looking for a house to buy in Nottingham. if there is anyone who can help please send me, many thanks to you all.
08/01/2012 17:52
Message for Jon Dequincey - you sound very genuine, I just hope that your legal expertise is better than your spelling and grammar!
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