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Wed, 06 Feb 2013 15:12:26 GMT | By Felicity Hannah, Contributor, MSN Money
The 10 London boroughs worth more than Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Homes in just 10 London boroughs are worth more than in Wales, Scotland and N Ireland combined…

Four images of London homes (© Image © Zoopla)
  • Four images of London homes (© Image © Zoopla)
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Homes in just 10 London boroughs are worth as much as the entire housing stock in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined. That’s the startling evidence from a new study by real estate adviser Savills.

In its annual Valuing Britain analysis, the property group found that the nation’s housing wealth is becoming increasingly concentrated in the south-east; particularly within London.

For example, the town of Elmbridge is home to just 131,000 people, but its housing stock is now worth more than all the homes in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city.

In just 10 London boroughs, property is worth more than £550 billion, so we’ve been taking a look at some of the valuable homes for sale.

06/02/2013 21:15

House are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. Only halfwits and immigrants pay extortionate, overinflated London prices.

I think there are more English Ex-pats living in Scotland than there are English living in London, look at where the Queen spends her summers and where all the royal children go for schooling and university.

Really! who would want to live in that sewer called London when you can live in the magificent scenery of Wales, Scotland & nothern England ( cant comment on NI never been there).

Every time I have to visit London I loathe it even more, give me Scotland or Yorkshire any time

06/02/2013 20:12
Who wants to live in London its now over populated with immigrants all the true Cockneys have left.It is ok for a quick visit if I owned a House in London I would sell it asap. 
06/02/2013 20:10
The majority of homes in London are owned by stinking rich Arabs.  It is no longer British/English...Would one really want to live amongst them and the rats/immigrants who now make up it's population?
06/02/2013 21:17
Living in a city is toxic for the human body. Not only is a city full of pollution from vehicles it is also full of EMF, RF and other invisible pollutants. There is also a lack of greenery in cities that can seriously affect the wellbeing of its population. With the upcoming 2020 and worldwide Agenda 21 roll out, we will all be leaving small towns, villages and the countryside and end up in upcoming mega-cities. Cities shown in such films as The Fifth Element, Dredd and Blade Runner are where we will be very soon. The new "bedroom tax" will see us crammed into smaller spaces, racked and stacked like so many new social housing builds these days. It is currently playing out within the media right now to get people acclimatised to what is really coming along for our future. Cities promote sickness, criminality, sexual promiscuity and short lifespans. Our owners consider us their slaves and as slaves we have no right to anything other than what the military backed corporate banking oligarchy says we can have. It is already a fact that when we reach retirement age, they want us dead and buried as soon as possible, because we no longer benefit their bottom lines...
06/02/2013 20:13
only reason it's probably worth more is because there's no room to build much else! so they put up the prices, But to be honest i think this article is just a cheap shot at the people in these other three areas of the uk!

I am a Englishman, LONDON IS DUMP. dirty streets, full of immigrants, drug dealers, people traffickers another stain on england rename. SIN TOWN


Play ground for rich muslim Arabs and their high glass Hookers- 


I'm ashamed of the place, Olympic games, you mean The London Games

07/02/2013 00:54
Full of immigrants ,assylum seekers gangsters  corrupt polititians bankers and the BBC.Overpriced overstated,overpopulated.Dustbin !!!!
06/02/2013 19:48
a look at savills website shows that the rich are getting richer at the expense of the majority.use your votes to get rid of the tories then perhaps we may get a fairer ountry
06/02/2013 22:48
Take any one of these properties, put it near the shores of Loch Lomond and watch it's value increase tenfold. The English capital is a putrid, overcrowded mess. You people really shouldn't take yourselves so seriously.
06/02/2013 21:43
How come with not a cloven hoofed animal in sight,do you get such a strong smell of bull**** eminating from the Capital.  
07/02/2013 01:17
London is full of low lifes, immigrants, half breeds and scum. Real Londoners, the real down to earth Cockneys left years ago. They saw what was coming.
06/02/2013 22:46

Who are the immigrants please help me? Nurses, Doctors, Employer's or sports people.


The only gangsters' are in the House of Commons and The Lords.

06/02/2013 23:04
Only in money though, and they are welcome to it.
07/02/2013 18:54
Born and brought up in London and boy has it changed! So glad i moved out 40yrs ago. Would not be paid to live there now!
07/02/2013 00:32
its damaging for all ordinary people throwing it are faces when we are going into 3rd double dip what ever they call it?
07/02/2013 01:14
With London being the mosr cosmopolitan area in the UK and where in some schools kids speak 10 different languages, who would want to live in monrgel city??

BBC are situated there, they work for the anti-christ David cameron, their job is to condition the masses to love immigrants and accept Homosexuality as the Norm, bit like Goebbels did for Hitler.


I will never bow down to these low life politicians.


30 odd years ago I lived in Talgarth road West Kensington, before getting a transfer through my work to Devon, the houses where horrible with very small back yards that backed on to the underground, plus we had the A4 at the front , leading onto the M4 just up the road at Hammersmith  Broadway,  and above us we had the flight path to heathrow, recently I was passing through the area with my son and took a look at the old house it had iron bars on the basement windows, and the door had an iron gate in front of the door made up with 1 inch bars, it looked more like a prison, and yet they are asking over  one million pounds for these places now, its like   says,

Quote + (  Only halfwits and immigrants pay extortionate, overinflated London prices. ) having lived there,  I know these places are never worth that kind of money, In fact I wouldn't go back to live in London even if they paid me, the place is a dump, and to crown it all, not many Londoners there now anyway.

08/02/2013 09:40

Is it not the case that most of the buildings are owned by foreigners who don't even live in london they

the middle east ///

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