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In pictures: the £100 million home

Heath Hall

Heath Hall - the £100m home [Image © Glentree -]
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12/09/2012 10:12
I heard there is a bulgarian family that arrived in the UK a few weeks back, they'll probably end up getting it. Along with all the benifits.
19/09/2012 12:24
I agree. Not worth the money. For 100m, you could build something yourself far better, and still have 70m left over to help people living in poverty. Win-win.
12/09/2012 10:57
just goes to show that money doesn't buy taste, what a naff bathroom!
12/09/2012 07:03
Just going off on a tangent... But if the government were to put all the money from the national lottery into the debt we would be out of debt in no time.., bring down VAT & income tax, , increase earning and people will begin to spend again which will then create jobs ain't rocket  science is it.. Makes me sick 
12/09/2012 11:04

Shoot your interior designer, white, white and more white, with a white piano? i bet they cant even play it, and a cinema room with no high back chairs so you get neckache. somebody didnt go to interior design 101 did they!!

The super rich make me laugh as they havent got a clue, who's going to sit in the hallway on those chairs. nevermind, maybe a footballer will buy it, or a developer who can split it into 100 flats for a nice eastern european family whilst my son has a 96 year wait on the local council housing list.

12/09/2012 05:52
it will be nice for a family of immigrants to live in.
11/09/2012 22:22
bloody awful decor, crap furniture, terrible garden, as for that bathroom, oich!!!! that would be the first thing i rip out!  a visit to Chelsea flower show and the Ideal Homes show would not go amiss... amazing what you can charge the rich for crap. I have been into some amazing homes, at they cost 100th of this and ooooze style and taste. This is not even a nice looking house from the outside. Fab staircase though.
18/09/2012 10:30
avatar see the nice view of the ex-council houses at the back!!! I take it this is in "inner London" right???
12/09/2012 10:32
Very similar to my gardener's cottage
12/09/2012 07:52
100 million and you have neighbours so close at the back.  Surely for that sort of money you should be in the middle of about 100 acres!
14/09/2012 09:31

What a chronic waste of money! The problem with buying that place is - I'd have to spend another load of money to make it look nice. Much rather spend the cash on bying my own tropical Island.





18/09/2012 08:25
It's tacky and cheap looking, but no doubt some poor soul with far too much money will buy it, Oh well bigger fool them, why not rent it out to immigrants?

12/09/2012 11:04
Oh my God!  It is so bloody tacky!  One thing you cannot buy is class.  And even the upper-classes in this country are losing touch with reality.  Give it another 1000 years on this planet and it will be Planet of the Apes all over again.  I just want to stick a finger down my throat after viewing the images. 
17/09/2012 18:06

Not my cup of tea! you could buy a nice place in the Seychelles for a fraction of that money with

Sunshine Free of Charge

Value price and selling it for that price, know that's two different things!

12/09/2012 04:39
Not impressed at all.  Much too fussy and I can't see where they've spent 45 mill on renovations.  Wouldn't want to live in it - even if I had the money.
11/09/2012 23:48
This is for people who have £100 million to spare in loose change,that dont care about the property,its just a piece of bling that they can say they own.Im sure the builders who built the place will make a huge proffit from the stupidly rich toffs.That cinema room for instance is probably the worst designed room ever,the rear seats should be higher than the front,do it right.No colour,meaning they had to much white paint left over.I bet the kitchen was all white to,thats why they didnt take a photo.The pool area was nice but theres much better out there in cheaper properties.Im a carpenter ive seen better in £2million homes.You gotta laugh at the idiot that will buy this,but then why would he give a crap lol.
14/09/2012 13:45
was just thinking about putting in an offer in but I just couldn't live with that bathroom.....pity.
11/09/2012 20:46

They say you can take the chav out of the council estate, but...


11/09/2012 21:53

With all that money, i advise getting some decent certains!  It looks like they have sheets hanging at the windows.! And as for the bathroom theme! someone is definatly lost!..In the woods!!!!.......Its been said time & time again! Just because you have money,Doesn't mean you have taste..

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