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The millionaire homes

We take a look at the homes that only the rich could afford.

A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
  • A look at some of the luxurious properties available to those with cash to spend (© Image ©
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Ever fantasised about the type of home you would live in if only your bank balance had a few more zeroes at the end of it?

We teamed up with luxury property specialists to get a look inside some amazing millionaire homes currently for sale in the UK and France.

23/04/2012 00:24
How sad that others make an opinion about you on what you have or where you live, and not on how you treat others or your family or friends.It goes to show how much we depend on material things in our daily lives and not our principles and morals we aim to share with others.
30/04/2012 22:22
If I were rich, it wouldn't be the flash cars or houses that would make me excited. It would be the ability to stay in bed and get up when I want and not have to waste  8 hours of my life every day making money for some other #astard!
23/04/2012 07:36
These are the kind of  homes Cameron, Osborne, etc etc live in, while taking corporate back-handers and payoffs, fiddling their expenses, and demonising rioters for stealing a pair of addidas trainers!!!! - oh and not building social housing for eons either!!!!!!   But then, 'we are all in this together' aye???????!!!!!!!
08/05/2012 14:19

Everyone's missing one thing here !


The people who own these houses have probably worked damn hard to be able to afford these properties, why begrudge them if they've made a successful living out of what ever they do.


I know if it was me taking a dip in that infinity-pool knowing i'd worked my **** off to own it i wouldn't really give a monkeys what anyone thought.

30/04/2012 18:57

moan, groan, moan, groan SHUUUUUUUUUUUUUT up, we all know if we could affford places like this we would be there in the blink of an eye!

23/04/2012 15:14
Don't be daft MSN, you don't need to be rich to afford these houses, you just need to claim asylum with your 5 wifes and 10 kids and the tax payer will put you up in one of these for free in Camden.


It's nice but it’s not a home; it's just a good example of how money can affords a better class of misery, sad really, but if it makes whoever owns it happy, ok.

30/04/2012 12:01
What a crock of crap you spout Anna and Mushroom!! I was born one of 4 boys to an abandoned mother in the 60s,  lived in a crumbling 2 bed terrace house and the 'loo' was 50m up the garden! no bathroom and if you wanted hot water, you boiled it in a kettle!! Family, Teachers, the Church and assorted sundry 'socially minded' hypocrites reminded us every day about what we didnt have and how we should be grateful for handouts. Coming from nothing gave all four of us an unquenchable desire to succeed at 'something' At 54 I am now retired, I have a homes in France and Austria. One brother is a high ranking military officer, one is a partner in a law firm operating out of New York and finally the youngest of my brothers is an architect building prestigious buildings around the world.  We all have beautiful and expensive homes that WE earned through hard work and dedication.  We are entitlerd to them.  PS, and just in case you were wondering our wonderful mother, now lives with me.
19/05/2012 14:41
Its not the the size of house you live in its the family you have living in the home . 

30/04/2012 20:08
come on people speak the truth can you honestly say none of you would want to be lying on that lounger looking out at all the lights and then maybe take a dip in the infinite pool?   I know i would love to stand in their shoes for even just a day
30/05/2012 15:04
Some of the comments here look like envy here to me which is well ugly.  Fact is, in the UK less than half the people work.  Who would you rather see living in places like these? People who got off their **** and did something or the free-loading wasters who think everyone who gets up in the morning should pay their taxes so they can live on benefits?
23/04/2012 13:21
i actually find it quite interesting looking at these. its got nothing to do with cameron or whatever how do you know these people havent worked hard and earnt their own money to buy or build these houses?i hate cameron hes a liar and has absolutely no idea what it is like for working class people as he was born into money.  i say this coming from a working class background myself.  i study interior architecture at uni atm and ive not got there by being rich and i dont presume im just going to get jobs handed to me when i start my career either, life is what you make it. if you want something enough and work hard enough for it then anything is possible, not all rich people were born rich so you cant just presume that.  health etc is more important by far but i dont really know anyone who doesnt think money doesnt help slightly. the pictures probably werent put on to irritate working class people. i find them helpful anyway.
23/04/2012 15:21
Those homes are stunning! But of all of them I prefer the Westgate Park home. It's a shame people can't just appreciate amazing homes like these instead of **** left right and center about politicians and rich people. I'm reigning in my jealousy lol but instead of being bitter i'm just wistful. Wish I had £3m for a house ^.^
24/05/2012 16:35
I used to be their milkman. Bloody stairs......
23/04/2012 12:04
What an absolute load of cr&p has been written below, probably all on the dole.
10/05/2012 18:42
Just letting all my friend know where they can find me when I win the Euro millions Jackpot. I will be in one of these some where....
23/04/2012 16:26
I totally agree with you Chris, one of the most important things in life to remember is to treat people how you would like to be treated. I once had the dream and lost it in the recession It was not on the scale of the above pictures. Yes people do judge you for what you have and most don't realise how hard you had to work to get it. I would love to live in a house like that. Who wouldn't. Can I afford it, NO!! 
13/05/2012 20:58
30/04/2012 17:00

Ethelred Unready- are you still unready to educate yourself. Clearly.. Take your lies elsewhere. And I take great exception to you belittling the Millions of people who fought to stop Jews being murdered. You are a disgrace.

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