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Updated: Wed, 14 Aug 2013 12:15:00 GMT | By Sam Ashton, contributor, MSN Money

The real home of Monarch of The Glen goes on sale for £7 million

The historic Balavil House and estate goes on sale for the first time in 200 years.

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The stunning Balavil House, near Inverness-shire in Scotland, will be familiar to fans of BBC One’s drama series Monarch of the Glen. The highland estate was known as Glenbogle in the fictional programme, and it’s now on the market for the first time in more than 200 years. The owners are asking for around £7 million for the historic property.

The historic Balavil estate in Scotland

The house has made other notable TV appearances; it was the scene of a rocket launch on Blue Peter, it hosted the Hairy Bikers and it was used for an episode of Kill It, Cook It, Eat It.

The estate has plenty of history of its own however, that could compete with the fictional drama that it has become famed for. In the 16th century it was the site of the Comyn massacre, a bloody family feud, and later it was the home of Brigadier MacIntosh of Borlum, who was locked in the Tower of London for treason.

The property now has 10 en-suite bedrooms and facilities for pheasant shooting and deer stalking as well as three miles of fishing river within its 6,846 acres. It is currently used as a guest house by the Macpherson-Fletcher family, where visitors can take advantage of the sport on offer.

Amazing facilities

Andrew Rettie, handling the sale for Strutt & Parker, said: “A jewel in the crown of Scottish sporting estates, Balavil encompasses the very best the Highlands can offer, from spectacular sport to a house made for entertaining.

“In addition, the welcome and hospitality offered by the Macpherson-Fletchers in running the house as a business is second to none and known throughout the UK and further afield. They have made Balavil House a centrepiece of the estate. Buyers will not necessarily choose to continue with the business but they have the potential to do so if they so wish.”

The current owner of the property Mr Macpherson-Fletcher said: “Balavil has provided great fun for family, friends and clients over the years but after running the estate for forty years the time has come to retire. We hope that someone with vision will take the estate forward into the next chapter of its rich history.”

19/08/2013 15:30
Absolute rubbish, Monarch of the Glen was filmed at Ardverikie House 

I wish they will hand the house and estate over to national trust for the Scottish people to enjoy instead of sell them to a foreinger

19/08/2013 18:31
The filming location for the house of Lord Kilwillie (Julian Fellowes) in Monarch of the Glen was Balavil House, and it is a hotel at the moment, as Andy says The MacDonald family was filmed as living at Ardverikie House using it as Glenbogle Estate. I don't think any foreigner would buy it.
18/09/2013 20:40

i did,nt see a bar on the internal photos either hic,hic


20/08/2013 12:05

its just so beautiful..cant afford it but its still stunning ...


18/09/2013 20:40
I cant see the shops? do you think it would be far to walk? I don't own a car .only a bicycle (.)(.)
19/08/2013 17:42
looks like **** , old and also in the middle of no where
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