Facebook swindles (Image: Nicholas Kamm - AFP/Getty)

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Most of us from time to time will see status updates from our friends and think: "would you really write that?"

More often than not, they've been subject to one of the numerous scams flying around on Facebook. Among the most popular are tools purporting to reveal who has been viewing your profile - in reality, this functionality is just not possible, as the Facebook team themselves have pointed out in the past.

Another scam reported recently was aimed at tricking users into downloading a rogue third-party application by claiming that Facebook was closing all its accounts.

With the amount of personal information many of us put on our social network profiles, it's wise to be very guarded about which applications you engage with and who you give access to your page.

Better still, keep any contact information you don't want in the hands of strangers restricted to people you know you can trust.

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