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Lucky Lotto winner scoops £6.4m

A jackpot winner scooped £6.4 million on last night's Lotto.

A lucky winner scooped £6.4 million - and another £2.2 million is up for grabs on Wednesday

A lucky winner scooped £6.4 million - and another £2.2 million is up for grabs on Wednesday

A jackpot winner scooped £6.4 million on last night's Lotto.

The winning numbers were 08, 44, 39, 36, 25, 27 and the bonus ball was 04.

Set of balls one and draw machine Guinevere were used.

Wednesday's estimated jackpot is £2.2 million.

Eight people matched five of the main numbers plus the bonus ball to collect £47,919 while 285 people matched five numbers to each win £1,142.

Some 15,892 ticket holders matched four balls to win £108 and there were 291,975 who matched three numbers to win £25.

One hundred people matched a raffle number to each win £20,000.

Nobody won the Lotto Hotpicks top prize of £130,00 or the Thunderball top prize of £500,000.

The winning Thunderball numbers were 05, 16, 38, 04, 30 and the Thunderball number was 01.

09/02/2014 14:07

why the hell did the government ever allow a Canadian teachers pension fund to

benefit by £3 billion pounds a year from the lottery

instead of our own people Camelot should have the licence taken away

and let some one else run it where the money goes to benefit uk citizens

and not wealthy foreign share holders

09/02/2014 12:35
Why do those who do not win the lottery have so much resentment towards those who do?  If you don't like hearing or reading about others good fortune you must be one jealous, sad to$$er!
09/02/2014 12:58

rigged draws the numbers are not chosen at random

so everyone is being conned just look at the results of the new £2 lottery 

does anyone on here know of any winners of the £20 K raffle numbers ??

come on Camelot I challenge you to prove me wrong instead of keep

telling me I have to prove the draws are rigged.   

09/02/2014 14:12
A few years ago i remember the lottery draw announcer say the number of the last  ball before it came out ! Thought then it was rigged.
09/02/2014 17:02

Why is it that CAMELOT don't;

Post ALL unclaimed raffle ticket winners on the lotto draw.

Why don't CAMELOT indicate at each outlet a sign stating anything over (say) 10K is unclaimed here.

After all CAMELOT have a record where tickets are purchased.

Most regular players use the same outlets to purchase tickets.

And why isn't there more camera scrutiny when the balls are selected on TV, similar to the "Football" draws.

Likewise when the "Jackpot" on scratch cards are WON, after all the top prize may have gone in the first week od issue. Isn't THIS SOME KIND OF FRAUD if the top prize is no longer available!!.

09/02/2014 12:59
spend it well. an enjoy it, dnt  waste it or loose it all like some lottery winners, good look to you all an me .

09/02/2014 13:10
i do feel the lottery might be rigged , as i  dnt  know anyone who has even won 25 pounds since it went up to two pounds a ticket, use to win a tenner now an then havent won anything for about a year now, when the lottery first started , if i didnt win i knew someone  that won a tenner or more wonder if its all a con ,i guess we will never really know , 
09/02/2014 15:09
It would be interesting if Camelot, published which area of the UK., the winners come from ,so  that punters have an idea of whether more people from certain areas of the UK., bet more than other areas of the UK. Just a thought!  
09/02/2014 15:49
If you're not in it you can't win it. Rubbish....many years ago I won was £94 on 4 numbers but only dribs and drabs since and  I've been playing the lottery since the first day it started.  No more, I'm going to save all the money I would have gambled, and the saved cash will go towards a super holiday. Possibly it will be trip around the world!!!!!!
A fairer way to draw the numbers is the way the  FA football numbers are drawn, All numbered balls in a see-through glass, but hidden from the person drawing the numbers.  Now THATS fair.
09/02/2014 17:52
it is remarkable how many 'rollovers' have occurred since the ticket went up to £2.............................
09/02/2014 17:24
I've won a few tenners and just over £100 on the old £1 a ticket lottery, but nothing since the change. I've got a mate whos dad won 2m on the £1 lottery. Google "maurice mogg lottery win" from Nantwich. I know people do win the jackpot because I've witnessed it. Saying that, I'm not impressed with the £2 lottery now. The jackpots are nowhere near what they used to be. + I think that raffle could easily be rigged. Don't know anyone, or know anyone that knows anyone who has won 20k.
09/02/2014 13:04

why all the secrecy surrounding the draws its not as if there 

is even £1 pound at draw machine

let me count out all the numbers left in the machine at end of draw

and show how we have 56 numbers left including the 7 numbers drawn 

I have video copies of every live draw and know that machine is

pre-loaded with winning numbers to control payouts

09/02/2014 17:50

how does Gabby Logan get to the lottery from splash so quick as both programmes are supposed to be live


09/02/2014 20:58
i think one ticket should cover u for the sat an wednesday , as its just too expensive, only buy one ticket now each game , so dnt think iv got much chance of winning now ,use two have more tickets when it was a pound as i had abetter chance of winning, an use to win a tenner here an there .

09/02/2014 15:37
Good luck to whoever won it it is there good fortune .spend it wisely have fun . Maybe me one day 
09/02/2014 19:17
Why is MSN not allowing comments on sensitive stories? Has freedom of speech finally began its long assumed demise? Or are the powers that be scared of what the common man feels and MAY put into practice?
09/02/2014 17:52
09/02/2014 21:00
Yes The Camelot Lottery is now a great big CON.  The price of tickets went up and the prize money came dowqn, all to fund the Ontairo Teachers Pension Fund.  There is nothing british now we are all owned by foreign companys, even David cameron and his Eton Rifle Corporals  are in American pocets.
09/02/2014 18:46
Aww well done I hope you have a wonderful time spending all that lovely money it is so nice to hear someone having a bit of good luck God Bless you:-)
09/02/2014 19:22
Hmmmmm.........perhaps after all the tickets have been sold Camelot could 'ensure' that the winning numbers are not on anyones ticket?...............just a thought!
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