Tue, 18 Oct 2011 12:28:35 GMT | By Stephen Jones, editor, MSN Money
Number One Campden Hill: the £75 million property that 'needs a bit of work'

The cinema room

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...and your very own cinema room. Talk about luxury.

The property is currently available through Savills and Knight Frank.

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24/10/2011 18:00
Ha ha, this is amusing. I worked on this project as a 3D artist last year. How random for it to pop up when logging out of my emails! I was responsible for the dining room image, although someone has made a few changes to the finished render I produced. They have made it look worse for sure. Shame. Ridiculous house though.
24/10/2011 14:39
The interior graphics are so good: half of the people that commented, think they are real!!!

So many people think that if they had millions they would give it all to charity. I wonder what makes them so sure that the people that have enough to buy this house don't give anything.

I know a few millionaires, they give many thousands to good causes... A heck of a lot more than buying £2 lottery tickets that so many of you think is being generous! 

24/10/2011 14:38
Nice place, I wonder if he would rent it to me for a fiver a week :)
18/10/2011 23:15
We are the Jones's who live across the street from this dump.  So they ran out of money trying to keep up with us?  LOSERS!
24/10/2011 19:48
just goes to show no matter how much money you have you cant buy good taste absolute shame to ruin a nice house with tat!
24/10/2011 22:55
this message goes out ther to the person that buys this house, im a builder and if at all possible could you put the work my way, id love to know what needs doing for 10 million
24/10/2011 17:41

someone,who prefers to remain nameless thinks mike nimrod is a racist,  i'm not racist but i'm sorry to say he's right, at 57 years old, paid tax my whole life, never unemployed,just separated and she got the house, so i'm on the scrapheap i went to the local authority and got put on a 16 year waiting list, when i asked why immigrants get housed i was told its their human right, apparently i don't have any.

name supplied....

24/10/2011 17:23

how fortunate the haves, how unfortunate i'm a havenot,

if i work really hard for the rest of my life i still wont have the deposit.

who ever said life was fair................

24/10/2011 16:40
What would you do with a big £75 million house like this. i bet half the rooms wouldn't  even get used.  Maybe the buyer will have a spare half a million so my child could have a good education, buy and own our house with garden and a car, i would also get myself a better education and Job.  Well here's living in hope.  Maybe i'll do the lottery this week.  MAYBE
24/10/2011 15:16
who's being greedy the seller or the agent.could do with a good interior designer lol.
19/10/2011 12:28
One thing is missen from this house, The Sunshine!
19/10/2011 10:13
Why don't you find a mother that has about fifteen kids and on the dole im sure they would like it.
19/10/2011 09:23
So this would be the house that has taken 6 or so years to sell, owned by an irish bank or something along those lines and actually had about 35 million knocked off the asking price of 75 million so why would you need a spare 85 million?  Come on msn, simple maths dictates that at most you need 45 million.  Maybe you should do a bit more research before writing another poorly written article.
19/10/2011 00:10
The guy who owns this has billions,and prob has houses all over the world.Just makes you sick
how the other half live.
19/10/2011 00:01

In the 1950s, the home became an ambassadorial residence, and remained in diplomatic use until 2001.


Diplomatically immune from paying for repairs by the sound of it.

18/10/2011 23:47

only happy people here r the estate agents should knoe i'm one lol


18/10/2011 23:27
If i had 75 million to spend mmmm let me think. well i certainly would not be buying that overpriced carbuncle. i would however buy up old mansions and large country houses and turn them into affordable apartments for first time buyers. i own a luxury home and paid through the nose for it, i can barely keep up the mortgage payments even though im self employed and work 60 hours per week, so i definately see the need for cheap but nice affordable first time buyers homes, anyone with me. lets all put our cash together and make this happen.
18/10/2011 23:07
£75mil??? think of the house you could build with £75m!
18/10/2011 23:01
LOL @ MARBELLA. You have real class Richard.
18/10/2011 22:55
if i ad a tenth ov that i wunt b byin a gaff in london its a **** ole, marbella all the way
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