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Footballer's homes, including Robin van Persie's Image: Hetheringtons - Rightmove
See inside footballers' homes

We look inside multimillion pound properties owned or once owned by famous footballers, including Arsenal's captain, a controversial midfielder and perhaps the most famous player of all time.

  • House prices 2011 (Image: PA)House prices 2011 graph

    See how house prices are faring so far this year, according to Nationwide, Halifax, hometrack and rightmove.

    Take a look at five places where prices are likely to fall the most next year and five areas where we could see the biggest price growth see the predictions of UK house prices 2011

  • First-time buyersFirst-time buyers

    Features and guides for those looking to buy their first property, including tips on saving for a deposit and what to look for in your mortgage.

  • Remortgaging guideRemortgaging

    Remortgaging can save you thousands of pounds. Read our guide on how to switch mortgages to find out more.

  • Buy-to-letBuy-to-let

    If you're looking to become a landlord for the first time, our buy-to-let guide can help you make the most of your investment.

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New research has found that families are spending an average of £180 on back-to-school supplies for their kids. Does this tally with your experience?

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    14 %
    Yes, that sounds about right to me
    1,012 votes
    20 %
    Yes, but I think school supplies are getting more expensive every year
    1,321 votes
    29 %
    No, the cost of new uniforms, stationery and sports kit takes us well past the £200 mark
    1,929 votes
    37 %
    No, I wouldn’t spend anything like that amount on the little horrors!
    2,490 votes

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