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May moneysavers: hot discounts and freebies

We round up the best new financial products, plus some great discounts and freebies.

May moneysavers: hot discounts and freebies

May moneysavers: hot discounts and freebies

Happy May Day. The warmer weather is finally here (some of the time anyway) so why not spring into action and save some money with this month’s hottest deals and freebies?

New gas and electricity fixed-term deals

Scottish Power has just launched the longest-ever fixed-term energy tariff, which runs for three years. The Fixed Price Energy February 2016 Online promises an average price of around £1,290, which would be a saving of £130 a year on the average annual dual fuel bill of £1,420.

It also gives you the security of knowing your bills won’t be going up for three years and allows you to budget around that.

However, this isn’t the cheapest longer-term deal on the market at the moment. That comes from EDF, with its Blue +Price Promise coming in at £1,192 a year for both gas and electricity. That’s a saving of £228 on the current average bill.

Here are the cheapest longer-term fixes right now:


Average price*

Average saving

Fixed until

Cancellation penalty

EDF: Blue +Price Promise February 2015



28 February 2015


ScottishPower: Fixed Price Energy April 2015 Online



31 March 2015

£25 per fuel before fixed end date

SSE: Two Year Capped Price Plan



Two years

£50 before fixed end date

ScottishPower: Fixed Price Energy February 2016 Online



31st January 2016

£25 per fuel before fixed end date

npower: Price Fix December 2015



Two years

£50 per fuel before fixed end date

*based on typical gas and electricity bill for someone who has never switched costing £1,420 (Source: Ofgem). Source: Energyhelpline.com

Compare gas and electricity prices

No Stamp Duty with Halifax first-time buyer mortgages

If you’re looking to buy your first home and have a decent-sized deposit available, Halifax is offering to refund your Stamp Duty, up to a maximum of £2,500, on a couple of two-year fixed rate mortgages.

To be eligible, you’ll need to have at least a 15% deposit and the home you’re buying can’t cost more than £250,000. If you have a 15-20% deposit, the interest rate for the two years is 3.79%. If you have 20-25%, it’s 3.24%.

The latter rate is pretty competitive, as the top rate for that loan-to-value is 2.79% from Nottingham Building Society, but that has fees of £999 plus you’ll have to pay Stamp Duty.

Compare the top mortgage rates and get free, expert mortgage advice

Cheap 0% balance transfer credit card ending soon

Lloyds TSB is currently offering a discounted balance transfer fee of 1.5% on its Platinum MasterCard, which offers an interest-free period of 21 months.

That makes it easily the cheapest credit card, in terms of balance transfer fee, with a long-term 0% period. However, this offer is due to end on 10th May so you need to act fast if you want to take advantage of it.

If you want a longer 0% period, the Barclaycard Platinum 25-Month card offers 25 months with no interest to pay and a balance transfer fee of 2.4%.

Compare 0% balance transfer credit cards

Grab a free Coke Zero

If you’re a fan of Coke Zero, you can download a voucher to redeem for a free 500ml bottle. Hurry though as this offer ends on 1st May.

Enjoy a free pint of Kozel

Download the Kozel Pint Finder app for your iPhone or Android phone and you’ll be able to get a free pint of the Czech beer at your nearest participating pub. Be aware this offer ends on Thursday (2nd May) though.

Win free Mars chocolates

Be one of the first to try the new Mars Mix (they look Mars-filled Maltesers) absolutely free! Simply fill in this form, and if your name is selected, you’ll be sent two free bags.

Free Cadbury chocolate for O2 customers

O2 customers can get a free Dairy Milk chocolate bar from WHSmith through the O2 Priority Moments app.

Free fish and chip Fridays when you buy a drink at BHS

BHS is offering a free portion of fish and chips when you purchase a hot drink in one of its restaurants on Fridays until 18th May. There are also buy one, get one free offers on other main meals. Download the vouchers here.

Free Royal Mail parcel checker

If you want to make sure you pay the right postage for your parcels, you can order a free cardboard parcel measuring template direct from Royal Mail.

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30/04/2013 20:45
01/05/2013 07:46
I signed up to EDF blue tariff after their website worked out how much I would spend a year & fixed my monthly debit to cover it, they have after 6 months "recalculated" & have put my payments up by £20 a month, "DO NOT TRUST THEM"
01/05/2013 08:29
British Gas has imo the best deal....you send a monthly meter reading via the web and you then pay quarterly.. you only pay for what you use, no recalculating or going into "credit" or debit, so you are firmly in control of what you spend on gas/electricity....simples
01/05/2013 04:27
The only problem with the EDF blue price problem is that if you use pre-payment meters they refuse to put you on it. Why?
01/05/2013 10:30
Was with Scottish Power and was in credit on both gas and electric.They still kept putting UP my direct debit.When I was £700 in credit I complained and said I wanted some back,their reply was they wanted me to be £2000 in credit incase we had a bad winter. I changed supplier.   
16/05/2013 12:31

is the mars download for year 2014,whats this!

01/05/2013 09:11
We are with EDF prepayment, it's the cheapest for prepayment plus we get £140 back every year so that's our standing charge back. We moved house but are staying with EDF, our old property had £71 on the electric meter and they sent us a cheque for the full amount in 2 days. Never had any problems with EDF + money back every year + prepayment so you know where you are with your money. 
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