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'Strip absent fathers' of benefits

Unemployed absent fathers who refuse to take up work experience offers should be stripped of their benefits, a report has recommended.

There has been calls for unemployed absent fathers who refuse work experience to lose their benefits

There has been calls for unemployed absent fathers who refuse work experience to lose their benefits

Unemployed absent fathers who refuse to take up work experience offers should be stripped of their benefits, a report has recommended.

Policy Exchange has called for a job placement programme, similar to the controversial scheme that last month sparked accusations that young people were being forced into "slave labour", to be created for welfare claimants who do not live with their children.

Under its plans, "feckless" parents would be fast-tracked on to the compulsory scheme and forced to stick with it until the end or lose state payments.

After a wave of protests last month ministers announced youngsters would no longer be sanctioned for quitting placements.

The influential centre-right think-tank believes a mandatory programme would make it more likely claimants would leave benefits and take paid work.

Its report, Father Figures, shows that absent fathers on benefits contribute £5 a week in child benefit payments, regardless of the number of children they have with different mothers.

The study estimates there are up to 65,800 men who have been out of work for six months or longer and claims the Child Support Agency (CSA) focuses on collecting payments from working parents.

The organisation also demands that fathers are named on birth certificates. Child maintenance payments must remain in place for each child regardless of whether the parent goes on to have more children with new partners, it adds.

The report calls for single parents claiming income support to be exempted from paying a fee to use the CSA under changes being introduced by the Government, warning it will deter the poorest from chasing payments.

Report author Peter Saunders said: "Most fathers want to do all they can to help and support their children, even when they find themselves unemployed. But a minority persistently evade their responsibilities. This is unfair on their children, their former partners, other fathers who are doing the right thing, and taxpayers, who have to pick up the tab."

14/03/2012 18:18
As usual the same old nonsense,it's the mans fault.I say make sure these young women,sorry children themselves,should know they will get no benefits or support from working people.I am not a cash cow and nor are millions of other right minded people for these feckless females.I have absolutely no say in when these girls decide to fleece me and the state.If they knew they would get nothing off the state you'll soon see who's truly at fault here and it's not the young men.That Labour party has a lot to answer for and this is another one.As Ian Duncan-Smith has said the real purpose and use of the benefit system has not only been skewed in favour of these girls but is also not being used as per it's original invention.I say stop the benefits of young girls or older women who decide to have children at the tax-payers expense and particularly women having IVF or going abroad to be inseminated,Ijust hope we are not paying child benefit already to these cheeky gits,
15/03/2012 09:42

I'm not naive here, I know there are some guys that are workshy because they don't want to pay for their kids but the bigger problem here is the blatent sexism by the government which gives women the ability to stop fathers seeing their children and getting away with it! 


On the most part, contact & maintenance are given and paid irrespective of any other issues between the two.  Some women use contact as a weapon against the father (as do some fathers use non payment of maintenance against mothers) but the former is a lot more common. 


As far as absent fathers not paying their way (again there are exceptions), when women stop contact then why should they pay?  It's like buying a tv between you and then her stopping you from watching it, seeing it but still expecting you to pay the license fee and paying for it's repair bills!

16/03/2012 17:59
Effin disgrace, what does this country have against fathers. There is a world of debate going on about how gay people have no rights and how horrid that is when in fact the biggest losers in the rights stakes are men in normal marriages. They get screwed in paternity, in division of assets and now it seems in benefits. Proves that women and gay people have always been more equal than men but will the equalities minister recognise this, of course SHE won't. 
15/03/2012 21:09

Stop the teaching of sex to youngsters of primary school age, and the next generation would produce a lot less of this kind of trouble.

14/03/2012 14:10
In a  democracy we must always be given a choice, loose your benefits or be sterilized.
16/03/2012 09:47
What about all the fathers who are working and not paying child support and there must be women out there not supporting there children either ..
24/02/2013 22:24
Damn right, so they damn well should! As an identical twin who grew up not knowing his "father" who was such a callous, cold hearted piece of sh!t when the CSA caught up with him for maintenance purposes, he just gave up work! I completely agree, those who sire children and refuse to see them and contribute to their upbringing should have money stopped.
24/02/2013 10:23
the government should crack down on absent parents (mostly fathers) who do not provide for their children, i was on benefits while my kids were growing up, i had no choice as their father did not contribute towards their care in any shape or form. stop labeling single mothers as all the same thousands of single mothers work hard and bring up kids on their own as i did, i did not get married with the intention of ending up divorced with no means of income other that recieving help from the state for me and my kids until i was able to work full time, dead beat dads should be targeted and maybe they would stop having kids they do not want, and stop the damage this does to people, my kids are now grown and both happily married, one child on the way but i am sure my son will be there for his child and support it financially and emotionally, unlike his own father who never did
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