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Ten multimillion pound homes

Galloway House, Garlieston: £1.5 million

Galloway House, Garlieston: £1.5 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Narberth Road, Tenby: £2.9 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Galloway House, Garlieston: £1.5 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Galloway House, Garlieston: £1.5 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Galloway House, Garlieston: £1.5 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Shepley Drive, Wentworth: £14 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Shepley Drive, Wentworth: £14 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Shepley Drive, Wentworth: £14 million (© Image: Zoopla)
  • Hyde Park, Mayfair: £15.5 million (© Image: Zoopla)
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Going one better than our previous property, this mansion in the small coastal town of Garlieston in south-west Scotland offers a generous 12 bedrooms.

03/10/2011 17:35
12/10/2011 08:45

Don't you get fed up with all this see how the other half live whilst the majority are struggling to pay their rent, taxes, food and heating?  I do!



17/10/2011 22:50
Nice, but money doesn't always buy good taste
03/10/2011 09:34
The fourth house shewn is a period house with period furniture; whoever put that caption on there about modernising the furniture clearly doesn't understand such things.....
14/10/2011 00:29
As you get older, you want/need less.  A nice modern 4 bed bungalow, near the coast - East Anglia is nice - would do me, with a handyman to keep the garden nice.  My Son and Grandson could stay over. A nice kitchen, a couple of Loo's and a wet room would ice the cake a treat. The bigger the place, the more it costs to run and maintain. 
03/10/2011 21:40
its lovely and all, but for god sake,why are they posting **** like this up here,when people are losing their homes,their jobs, and families are falling apart,****?
05/10/2011 14:54
@Val Wells  (joy22): Don't really agree with you on the tax part - a lot of wealthy people hire accountants to help them dodge tax wherever they can! However, I do agree with you on the rest. We all want something better than what we have but the fact is, compared to the majority of people on this planet, most of us in this country are very well off indeed, so we really should put things in perspective and be glad we aren't living in a shack in Africa or a slum in Delhi.
07/10/2011 11:55
if i won the lottery, the UK would not be my choice of country too buy a mansion, i'll off like a shot for better weather and life style south of france on the med with a boat for some fishing too pass the time.
22/10/2011 09:46
Lovely as long as the running costs don't nibble away at what you've got left.
13/10/2011 12:32
ahhh they post these things in hard economic times to give us hope !!! to aspire to better things lol
03/10/2011 21:48
Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, oh the sadness of it all, thank goodness we dont have the same problems as those who are in real trouble - you know no basic comodities that we take for granted, we dont know we are born.  to listen to some of you you have no running water, no electricity, clothes or shoes get a grip, we aint doing so bad.
18/10/2011 15:04
in the second picture why would they have two different sofas?
23/10/2011 13:50
if you have won the nat lottery or euro millions,there are plenty of  fixer=uppers in the uk that need saving,i can think of one between shrewsbury and whitchurch a 3 floor former farm house with outbuildings that would make great homes..and land by seperate neg,another 11 room house in great need of saving nr collumpton in devon also with land by seperate you see not only could you have a really stunning property but you could also save some of britains great houses..thats what i would do anyway..why have someone elses planned home when with all that dosh,you could have and make your own and save at least one of the nations great buildings?
08/10/2011 21:01
Oh if only I had enough money to buy just one room like these.
12/10/2011 13:46
if I won a lottery 100 million pound I will buy a boat and then out in the UK
18/10/2011 16:15

HI Bill Gates< can you buy me and my family, Shepley Drive, Wentworth.

he he,  x

21/10/2011 20:09

Knightbridge house just like knightbridge women, bush well out of control!

03/10/2011 10:33
My sentiments exactly the person who put the comment shouldn't have anything to do with property and sounds quite chavistic to me.
18/10/2011 17:44
anyone who wants to build a new castle or retreat or whatever you want to call it better than these just let me know
03/10/2011 20:41
!!!! guiris ingleses,, ¿¿¿Donde estaa esoo???
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