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Mon, 25 Mar 2013 12:00:00 GMT | By Damian Clarkson, senior editor, MSN Money

Lucky US punter wins $338 million jackpot

New Jersey ticketholder in line for the world’s sixth largest jackpot

Lotto win [image © Getty]

Someone in New Jersey is definitely handing in their resignation this Monday morning.

That’s because the as-yet-unnamed individual bagged a whopping $338 million (£221m) Powerball jackpot over the weekend.

It’s the sixth biggest jackpot win in lottery history, dwarfing the biggest ever UK win of £161 million.

The win means the ticketholder is instantly wealthier than David and Victoria Beckham, based on figures from the Sunday Times 2012 Rich List.

The New Jersey Lottery says details about the winning ticket would be released later today, declining to reveal where it had been purchased and whether anyone had immediately come forward.

The numbers drawn were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and Powerball 31. Of course, the $338 million figure only applies if the winner accepts the jackpot in staggered payments. If they opt for a one-off lump sum, the payout would be $221 million (£145m).


What's wrong with MSN. They inform us that the winning numbers were 17,29,31,52,53, and powerball 31. Then they go and show a picture where the numbers highlighted are 5,16,22,23,29, and powerball 6.

So, in their inimitable lazy ar$ed couldn't care less journalistic fantasy, (I hope they don't get paid for this dross) they elected to stick any old ticket up suggesting that this is what a winning ticket would look like only it's not.

Gawd help us. You couldn't make it up. Oh......... hang on.............. they did.


Next they'll be telling us that the only reason African elephants have big ears is that Noddy won't pay the ransom. 

25/03/2013 18:34
How much and how often would the staggered payments be? A tenner a week for 22,100,000 weeks? Take the cash lump sum mate!
25/03/2013 19:58
Good luck to the winner, having such a huge amount of money will not be easy. Especially if you're used to living from paycheck to paycheck. I'd just imagine me going insane, in my new Mercedes-Benz of course.
25/03/2013 22:44
That's a lot more than enough to satisfy anyone's greed.
"why do "us lotto jackpot winners" have a choice of ;a one-off payment from the full jackpot;(which is greatly reduced;or have the full amount spread over sooooo many years.in the "uk" if you win the jackpot urself then it"s all yours....! 
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